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  1. i think understand i was never in arrears, and my mortgage not commercial mortgage. this is cleary stated on my mortgage aggreement As for my statements it stated that vety cleary solictiors the invoices solicotors are forged . i have court transcrpti to support the false costs. am not guessing and for the interest in stated cleary separtely on my mortgage as well other costs that they cleary gentrated. I was pouring I was stating facts .
  2. i was trying up date i do not realize i was muiltple posting i am trying to delete i can find the delete button

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  3. Commercial First / business mortgage finance Commercial first/business mortgage finance mortgage has added on £92,000 worth of illegal costs on to my mortgage over the last 3 1/2 my mortgage account over the last in just 3 years and they illegally created other false documents and refusal to answer any of my questions under the “ request under the Freedom of information act 2000” and “Data Protection act“. I can proof of doctored invoices and also other costs that they added on to my mortgage account plus I have a copy of the court transcript when they stated I
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