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  1. looking at the mountain of paper I was served one 01/06/2016 as far as I'm aware the 1 st one prior to that Notice of Sum in Arrears every 6 months starting form 30/07/14, my application to defer was mid march 2013 which is over the 6 years, had their agreement to this on 19/06/2013 and period deferment started 25/06/2013 until 24/06/2014
  2. ok thanks for your assistance, I will file my defence after the weekend and then let things play out.
  3. thanks for the above wording etc. I had a query a dew posts ago about there being a change in how the limitation has been applied to a case this Feb 2019 it was flagged up on the national debtline site before I found yourselves, I have found the details it relates to a credit card case, county court defence failed and its a precedent, now its all a bit confusing to me, hence me query, my best defence is still probably what you have stated clearly to me! but would you mind having a read of this info i post the link, its for professional advisers on the full details on https://england.shel
  4. So the CCA & CPR 31.14 has been posted by recorded delivery,1st class post this afternoon, I'm registered on the www.moneyclaim.gov.uk website and can submit my defence via there & I have 23 days(13/06/19 today) left from 33 that started on 03/06/19. I have kept copies of AOS,CCA,CPR forms submitted.
  5. ok I've managed it thanks! final question do i send the CCA request to Erudio by registered post or their agents Dryden's Ltd who are the processing sols both are named top left claim form one as Claimant Erudio and Drydens named as address for sending docs -payments so i plan to send it there Sols..I'm just trying to be careful never had to do this before
  6. ok thankyou I've done AOS online its confirmed..never use a postal order but will go to the PO and sort do I just ask for a Order worth £1 and not right anything on the front? i'm writing the CCA request to the claimant they gave a C/O address in main box and in secondaty box labeled address 4 sending docs and payments is DRYDENS Ltd who are also the sols on the claim who have sent to me a letter stating above matter has been transfered to them 03/06, which address is best please
  7. ok thanks Name of the Claimant ? Erudio Student Loans Ltd Date of issue 03/06/2019 Submitted online today Acknowledgement of Service Date to file defence 05/07/2019 Particulars of Claim 1 Claimant claims £8970 from Defendant 2. this debit was pursuant to a regulated agreement(s) between Defend & Student Loans Company Ltd. Each agreement has an individual account number as follows rytyt fgtfg fhfh fgfgh 3. Defendant. failed to make payments as per the terms resulting in the agreements being terminate. Notice of such is served by a
  8. thanks for being positive! I've dug out my last paperwork regrading deferment they wrote to me on 19//06/2013 stating my 4 loans all had a deferment start date of 25/06/2013 and a end date of 24/06/2014 they served the claim form on 03/06/2019 I have completed Acknowledgment of Service giving me 33 days to submit my defence takes me 05/07/2019 but 03/06/2019 is just within 6 years from 25/06 -hence my concern and qu's i need to get it right! its possible they dont have the deferment form as that was from Student Loans and tr
  9. I'm sorry you're asking me to read a link, I was posting the info i have so far from the other site apologies, devil is in the detail and i dont want them to easily upturn my defence by stating only 5 years has occurred since the debt became due again as they allowed me to pause it for 13 years the issue I have is they were not my lender when i applied for deferment in march 13 yes 6 years on is 03/19 which has passed but they received my loan in November /2013 during a period of deferment, how do I stand as loan payment were suspended not due ag
  10. its the info i have from national debt line, that has muddled the water for me and 6 year period is when the loan is due, when its defered its not due apparently, everytime you defer you are admiting tge debt so I'm confused https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/PDFs/time-limits-for-recovering-debts.pdf quote The Limitation Act says that the limitation period for student loans is six years. Old­style student loans usually became due for repayment in the April following the conclusion of your course, and any limitation period could not begin until af
  11. https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/PDFs/time-limits-for-recovering-debts.pdf There are ‘old­style’ and ‘new­style’ student loans. Old­style student loans are for students who started their university course before September 1998. New­style student loans apply to students starting their course from September 1998 onwards. The Limitation Act says that the limitation period for student loans is six years. Old­style student loans usually became due for repayment in the April following the conclusion of your course, and any limitati
  12. I've read that on national debtline site once you defer a SL it communicating with them, 6 years important period without contact my last contact was 03/2013 but I had no payments to make until 06/2014, thanks for looking at my situation appreciate it!
  13. I was hoping for Statute barred but I defered in March 2013 completed paper work but period is June2013 until June 2014 by then the debt had transfered to Eurdio, have to apply in advance so don't know if that applies, had no further contact personally since then accept looking into deferment again a year on but didn't proceed,
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