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  1. I signed up outside of the gym online, and I think I might have made it seems I was over 18
  2. I had seen an ad from a friend for a gym near me and they were offering a free trail period, I had decided to sign up. Inputting my card details, but due to me being 16 and not having any sort of constant income I decided against staying with the gym and cancelled the direct debit. Then I recieved an email saying I was still required to pay £27.99, however at the time my bank account had been closed so I was unable to pay anything. Then they had incurred a late fee of £20, I had called to ask why I had to pay for the initial fee and the late fee even though I've never been to the gym itself. My bank account had been through a lot and had closed quite recently and I haven't been able to open up a new one until recently, they've now sent a message saying that a new company has been employed to deal with the debt, which now totals to £116.49. And I highly doubt I'll be able to pay this. Would anyone be able to help me with this please.
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