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  1. Cheers that is just what I did do first payment of £550 made. But this has taken a interesting turn. oh boy! could I really get them for a data breach. After near on 10 weeks waiting yesterday, Property Debt Collection emailed to say in 7 days they will issue court proceedings with out payment in full. The also attached the lease and guess what, it's only a lease for the previous owner! GDPR personal data breach all the way : ) Balance is now £1876 and it's turned out it's HML adding the charges on. Called The Financial Ombudsman Service who say it's The Property Ombudsman who's the equivalent for these matters, for anyone reading in future.
  2. Thanks, just an update: After 5 weeks I was supplied a contract that confirms 0 hours and allowing the employer to serve no notice during the first 6 months. And yesterday much to my surprise, I was enrolled for the company pension at least.
  3. Hi,If you accept a zero-hours job, would you get a pension?I recently went for an interview, (what was advertised as a part time job then turned into a weekend job, then full-time so I'm having doubts) as during which it was that the Manager's preference of zero-hours were mentioned. This conversation was verbal. Whilst I'm hoping the Manager has it wrong, some hallmarks of zero-hours are coming through such as supply own uniform, particular time of week the business struggles with staff levels so a need to recruit but there is huge benefit to me as well with the hourly pay being more and no cost to travel to work. I guess the coming weeks will be telling as to whether the job really is full-time or part time.I have since been issued a 'new starter' pack after a brief trial but I've nothing else in writing at this stage, apart from some forms in fill out which was the new starter pack. I hoped there maybe a generic letter for their idea of zero-hours but nothing like it. (Appreciate they may have up to 8 weeks after starting to confirm so reckon perhaps they will get my address by way of the completed forms to formally write a confirmation). I'm wondering and sneaky I know but if I were to be enrolled for a pension, could this later on be used to indicate and confirm employment status? Many thanks.
  4. Thank you ever so much DX. "My account is now on hold" whilst they get a copy of my lease apparently, I'm also going to dig out my copy after what you've said. To the best of my knowledge I don't have a CCJ - I even got placed as a Temp in a insurance company when this started, which would have required financial checks to be passed. They have tried to justify why I should pay up in three months but my only option is to use a credit card - and I'm sooo reluctant to do that whilst now unemployed. Part of their latest correspondence had this line which I'm confused by (my home has no mortgage - which I presume what they are trying to get at?) Alternatively, you can complete and return a signed admission form so we can approach your lender for payment. Please advise if you wish us to send you an admission form. DX - please can I ask if I want to make a token payment direct to HML can I pay into their bank. I can't write cheques anyway and don't imagine PDC will take my card details for anything less then the £550 a month. (my debit card hasn't that value and not likely to for some time whilst I get myself together and back in employment - but I'm concerned they could try for it and take me into an unauthorised overdraft situation) Thanks for your help massively.
  5. Many thanks. My last interaction with this bunch today, I've asked to specifically see my signature against their charges as I really think they add it on at will. (HML took over from another company) My complaint is whilst I could (just about) accept paying an additional £240+£15 for my part in wrong doing, to add on £300 after the mickey take papers were responded too is just not on. I've now been given a fit note and my doctor has encouraged me to go to Citizen's advice, over it. I'll update what happens and thanks again for responding.
  6. Hi, would be ever so grateful for help with Property Debt Collection. History is I'm a low wage earner/lots of bad choice job mistakes and as of yesterday back to being unemployed regrettably. (My home being advanced inheritance so I don't have the funds I think, they think I have). last few months I admit I was in the wrong but found myself struggling financially with things getting on top of me. Gosh it all went wrong, I found the council hadn't added the 25% single living discount, credit card were taking higher recommended payments, energy company didn't exactly have me on the best tariff, felt like everyone has fleeced me. Around late April 2019 I received what looked like intimating mickey mouse court papers demanding a response in 30 days with SOA if I couldn't pay in one go. At this point I'm advised they will add on £240 in charges and £15 charge for repayment plan. I called at the time to apologise for falling behind and whilst a non-threatening person on the other end of the line reckoned they couldn't give me any guidance whatsoever on length of payment plans and rather strangely suggested I wait to return their forms until 30 days were up, I am some what amazed 3 weeks later to receive their reply in response to me filling in the forms they sent. I am staggered to find they seem to have added on another £300-odd alone today and have refused to accept what I was paying monthly last year to HML Romford (I have records to prove I paid £117.57 each month for around 9 months) PDC demand 3 x £550.54 monthly to start within 30 days of today - ironically it is worded in such a way PDC have made it sound like they are only charging £15 when actually a few hundred has been slipped in. As I'm unemployed, I am right? they can't possibly have this. Would Citizen's Advice be able to help? Also how does a debt collector only get to accept cheques and card by phone only given the era we're in? I apologise if I am in wrong place.
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