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  1. Thank you for the reassurance. Iw I'll keep ignoring.
  2. Morning, I have started receiving letters/emails/texts from IDR with regards to a loan I had with Emirates Bank. I left Dubai in 2009 and the money they say I owe is now less than before!?? I have been receiving letters on and off for years. I am now living with my partner who knows nothing of this as I have been advised to ignore it in the past so I have. I thought after 10 years it would stop. They are now threatening CCJ and removing the money from my salary etc?? Should I keep ignoring? Will this affect my partner (he owns his own house but my name is on nothing). I think I know the answers but need reassuring. Thank you.
  3. Ok thanks. All the advise is to ignore and it's unlikely anything will happen so I was feeling a bit calmer. I guess I always have to be on guard.
  4. Hi guys, Sorry I'm not quite following. Are you saying there is a chance I could be taken to court? Thanks Lou
  5. Hello everyone. Another letter for IDRww today. I have attached it. Please could someone put my mind at ease or advise? From all your advise before- I assume I still ignore. They are saying they are now going to advise their client to refer to solicitors. Thank you Lou
  6. Thanks Eric's brother, I've sorted that issue now, called them from anonymous number and told them I have no parking fine and they took my email off their database which makes me think it was all a [problem] anyway!
  7. Hello All, I have also had an email from this company (attached) But looks like it's for a parking fine? Which was oddly addressed to my mum? Does anyone know anything about BW legal? Pretty sure I've never had a parking fine from the council. Just wondering if there is any connection. Thanks
  8. Jimmy- thank you! Tbh I have chucked all previous letters as they were always exactly the same. But I have kept the last two and will continue to keep.
  9. Dxb- so only when I change my address should i contact IDRww to let them know in a basic letter that I have changed my address but do not know anything about the debt they are contacting me about? No signature, just my name and new address?
  10. If I keep ignoring, what is the likelihood they will give up soon? Or will they pass it to another agency? Will I have these letters forever as I haven't told my partner yet and dont want to if I dont have to! Thanks
  11. One more thing...to clarify by 'all creditors' do you mean the DCA too? IDRww? For my change of address. Surely that would be admitting to the debt?
  12. I will sign up this week thanks again for your help
  13. I have had on and off letters/emails and calls for years but I have never replied and i changed my email address which they dont seem to have found! This isn't the first contact its justba new company so does that still mean it counts as 10 years? Sorry of this is a silly question! Jimmy- thank you so much for your input it's a great help. Whi are the 3 credit check agencies please?
  14. I wont be moving in until next year but I will definitley make sure I inform all creditors when I do. Do you agree with letting the DRA know my new address too as Jimmy said?
  15. Thank you both so much, I really appreciate your help. I will sit tight and wait to see what letter comes next. Last year they did actually get hold of my work phone number and were calling me at my office which was embarrassing but we managed to steer them off. I work somewhere different now and haven't put anything on social media. I also called an unknown number back last year and it was them but I hung up straight away. they have my mobile and they text regularly but no calls. For some reason I cannot block the number which is odd!! I have been getting vague letters for a while but this is the first one that is more threatening so will keep them from now on, and update you if anything worse comes of it. Thanks again Lou
  16. Hi Andy. I have had a read through and there seem to be mixed messages.I am still in two minds whether to contact them as I am so worried about getting a CCJ against my name.I dont have much to give and dont own my own home so I don't know what they could take but I would rather it didn't go down that route! I have attached the latest letter they sent me. They seem to have my mobile number too as they text me every week and there is no way of blocking the number which is odd.Would you suggest ignoring or contacting?Or perhaps contacting Emirates bank directly? I am thinking of moving in with my partner soon and I don't want any of this to impact on his home as he is a home owner. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Thank you Andy I didn't think I would be alone. I'm just not the kind of person that can ignore these things but I am also worried if I get in contact they will then have been tied up. I will have a good read. Thanks, Lou.
  18. Hello, I am being chased by a debt recovery agency called IDRww. 10 years ago now I left Dubai after being made redundant and left a loan behind with Emirates bank. I did this because I had no other choice at the time. I didn't really hear much from them I thought the debt had been written off now i am being chased weekly by this company and the last letter I has was threatening CCJ. They are a debt recovery company and they haven't put the amount on the letter etc. Can they issue a CCJ on behalf a Emirates bank? I am in two minds whether to contact them. They said I have 7 days. I am very scared as I'm a single mother and i should imagine the debt is very high now after all this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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