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  1. Thanks dx100uk and ericsbrother for your responses. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi dx100uk and ericsbrother! Many thanks for the replies. The CCJ on my name is for a credit card debt. I don't owe any money to NHS, HMRC or Govt. My only concern is that since the application form on the visitor visa requires for the CCJs to be disclosed, it might become a deciding factor in the approval or rejection of the application. I only plan to visit UK for 10 days and I do not believe that I would have enough time to go in court and request the CCJ to be set aside.
  3. Hi, I am an Indian National who lived in UK from 2008 till 2016. After that I moved to USA and I am planning to visit UK again as a visitor. I just checked my UK credit account and it is showing that I have an active County Court Judgement issued against my name to repay a certain debt of around £1000. This judgement was issues on April, 2018 and I was not in UK at that time, so I never received it. My questions are:1. Can I still apply for a visitor's visa even if I have a CCJ against my name? I went through the application form and the CCJ has to be disclosed in the visa application.2. If I am able to apply and I do get a visa, will the UKBA be able to ask me to pay the outstanding debt before I am cleared at the border?Thanks a lot for the answers/help in advance.
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