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  1. Ive had another pair of letter replies. Both from DrydensFairfax - one regarding the HSBC credit card requesting payment, which came a week after one for the same account acknowledging the debt was unenforceable. So i know to ignore that one. The second letter from them was regarding a Barclays OD (attached). I *think* am ignoring this one too from what i've read on this site, or should i be replying to it? dydens fairfax barclays request for payment.pdf
  2. Lowell have replied - attached. They seem to be splitting hairs over current account vs overdraft, and then said i need to provide documentation to dispute it? lowell reply to not acknowledging debt.pdf
  3. well i haven't heard anything from any further creditors... I did notice that a Capquest/Black Horse debt was still showing on my credit file, going back to 2005. I then checked my paperwork and found a Black Horse default notice dated 2010, so queried it with Experian and Equifax to have the account removed. Equifax quickly replied to say it was my job to chase the creditor directly, but Experian replied that Capquest has no record of the debt ever being defaulted therefore the records were correct. My worry, and it might be a bit paranoid, is that sending
  4. i am a bit of a hoarder where paperwork is concerned and i have actually just found a letter from HSBC dated 2006 that shows it was a Graduate Personal Loan and a Student Overdraft, with the separate amounts for each. This was from them when i applied for an IVA in 2006 which wasn't accepted (which i now know was a blessing) and was likely the last letter before they sold the debt to Lowells. Should i still go ahead with the SAR?
  5. I have been looking at putting a letter together for Lowell regarding the combined HSBC Overdraft/Loan debt. In reply to your letter dated 18th June 2019 you have stated that the account you are pursuing me for is an current account overdraft. I have never had an account with an overdraft limit of over £17000 which you are claiming, therefore I dispute this debt. Do i need any more than that? Should i be asking them for a copy of the overdraft agreement? Or let them just reply to the above?
  6. I have searched as you suggested but i dont think that this applies to me. I know that i had a student overdraft with HSBC, and then took out a personnel loan to consolidate the debts i had at that time. I dont ever remember being offered, or being forced into any other loans to combine them in the way that seems to have been happening in the managed loan threads. I do have a lot of my original paperwork and when i first went to PayPlan these debts were still with HSBC, and seperate as an overdraft and loan. It would appear that when it moved to Lowell it was transferre
  7. Creditor - Capital One Currently with - Capital One Amount Owed - £196 Type - Credit Card Received a reply to this one as well, however they say they have complied with the CCA request and have provided an agreement. Could someone check whether it is correct etc for me please? capital_one_cca_reply.pdf
  8. Creditor - HSBC Currently with - Lowell Financial Amount Owed - £7669 Type - Loan Received a reply to this one as well, but not so straightforward. They are saying that this is a current account debt and therefore the section 77 doesn't apply. However, it would appear that either HSBC or Lowell have combined both a small overdraft debt with a much larger personnel loan debt and are now treating them as one. How should i go about responding to this one then please? lowell letter cca.pdf
  9. Creditor - Blackhorse Currently with - NCO Europe Amount Owed - £7249 Type - Loan Received a reply from them saying that "we have submitted the request to the legal owners, Capquest" and "the account has been placed on hold". I guess that's two down then?
  10. Creditor - Barclays Currently with - Max Recovery/DrydensFairfax Solicitors Amount Owed - £616 Type - Credit Card Received a reply from them saying "that my account has been put on temporary hold while we contact our client". I guess that's one down then?
  11. I was thinking along the lines of "if the charges were more than the outstanding debts" but that wouldnt work if the debts have been sold on would it?
  12. Right, CCAs all produced and off to the post office for my £1 postal orders. On the subject of the overdrafts, and indeed the credit cards potentially should i be looking at reclaiming charges etc? Or has it been too long with the accounts having been last used/had charges on them over 10 years ago?
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