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  1. this is a good read - i have this issue with black horse (see link in signature) they will be getting a similar letter to this - my agrement was made Feb 2005 so shoudl be regulated...i didnt even know i had it untill recently when it mentioned it in the small print - i never asked for it! i agree with your thoughts on saynotoyes - they are paying someone 40% for something they can do themself!
  2. the loan says loan amoungt 9000 toatal payable 9000...it started at 9000 on my credit file and when i called for settlement figure it was 9000 less what i have paid, no reduced settlement figure...there is no mention of 4500 the figure originally used to buy the car! did i mention i hate black horse lol
  3. I think its becuase you get more points for people who 'vote' your post that have a high score - ie a '5star' person votes your post you get many more points than someone who say has just joined and never posted...tho this could be rubbish (it usually is)
  4. OK so i'm seeking advice on documentation, contracts etc... As for the loan - i know if i pay for full length i would have paid 9K, but the settlement on this has no discount as they say we havent charged interest so no deduction...its like they have given me 9K interest free - but sold me goods for only 4.5K, i'm going to CAB next week to sort this out - will update on my own post etc when i get some answers. Cheers for help guys
  5. I understand that - but this isnt HP its a loan, you dont go to the bank and take out a loan for double what you ask for, this should be the same...i dot mind the car being worth sod all now - that would happen if i had paid cash, my issue is it was a 4K loan and now i owe 6K 2 years later after paying £150 per month and not missing or late paying once! - it seems odd that they can calculate 5 years interest and add it on in day one...i brought a 4500 car with a 9000 loan I havent signed for PPI to my knowledge but i can honestly say i have never had so many forms to fill in - over an hour of signing them as they were shoved infront of me - its on the break down of what i will pay (in very small print) but i have nothing that is PPI spacific here - i'm going to contact Black Horse and get all the information they have from the dealer and see what the salesman ticked!
  6. Question i have then is how is best to deal with this situation? - (i'm not hi-jacking i think this is relevant to the poster...and i have my own thread - see link in signature) I have many issues with Black Horse from Miss sold PPI that i didnt know i had and didnt sign for!, a warrenty i didnt ask for and the fact that they signed me up for a 9K loan on a 4K car by adding all the interest to it the day i signed for (is this allowed - they dont charge it daily it goes down each month but half way throught the agrement u owe more than the car was worth brand new as paying for the interest first!) these are just some of my problems! I want to get someone to look through all my paperwork and advise me but its knowing who...also i only have what the dealership gave me which includes many forms that i dont think go to black horse that have different information on - is it worth sending Data to Black Horse to see if there are any differences in our paperwork?
  7. I would love to do this! something tells me we would need to be member of experian etc to register stuff... though maybe a group membership from this site would work
  8. Black Horse primarily deal with Hire Purchase - when they do sell using loans they put the car/bike etc on the HPI register to stop you selling it - this is what people are trying to remove i think...after all they may be in the wrong to sell with a loan and stick it on the HPI list, but its bound to be an offence to sell a car on the HPI register.
  9. Reply to them with as much detail as you can: full name,address and dates when you held the a/c, DOB, utlility bills if you've changed address since. If u dont know when the account was held get a copy of your credit file - it will have the opened and closed dates on it - you prob need to send the Data letter again and the £10...they seem to just be stalling tho - as far as i know they are supposed to supply you with all unformation they have on you..this will/should be in their system - the account numbers just mean they have an easier job! good luck
  10. Its not the first time i have had issues with trading standards - i think if you write to them they do things 'properly' but on the phone they are just normal people - after all it would be very difficult to find a large team that all specialise in all areas etc - i guess they need a switch board so they can put you through to someone who can help with your situation!
  11. indeed an idea of what to put in the letter would be excellent, there are a few people with this issue (myself included) and its knowing where to start!
  12. they did this 2 me...i applied online - 3 times, they took the money - no file, called them up no record of payment! he said he'd do it on the phone but they would have to charge again..but if i sent in my statements they would refund!...after the application had gone throught he asked for me to post the ID as per the previous mail! i sent it and a cover letter with the statement - got my file 2 WEEKS later and still no refund (5weeks now) they suck and there is so much duplicate info on my file its scary - no wonder i have a low-credit history, everything is down 4 times!!!! (and a finacial link with my flat-mate for a bills account shows us linked 23 times - wtf) i'm going through it slowly and writing to dispute!
  13. dont think the sort code will be an issue...its prob the bank branch that was nearest your home as a child anyway.
  14. Surley sending the DSAR and £10 would get you all the detials...£8 cheaper too (unusual to send one without teh thought of a claim in the back of your mind tho lol)
  15. ....I have just started the ball rolling with a few past bank accounts, Woolwich, Halifax, Capital One and several catalogues to name but a few... I currently bank with Nationwide - i have never been charged untill the past 3 months when i have had 6x £20 charges! all for fugures well under £20 in the first place! I thought i'd send them a short note via the secure web-mail on their website, not even as well written as the pre-lim template! -I've lready had a responce!: Dear Mr Edwards Thank you for your enquiry. On checking your account I can confirm that I have refunded the late payment, excess limit and additional interest charges on your April, May and June statements, these adjustments will show on your next statement. Regards Diane Belcher Customer Advisor Nationwide Credit Card Services I have just checked my ballance and they have already refunded them! I LOVE THIS SITE!
  16. I put one in my local shop window...but i also PDF'd it and sent it arround the company via internal e-mail - 981 reciprients anyone
  17. Sure - in my head thats what i was thinking by my mind offen types other things! I can send / pay for the DSAR in my local branch i assume... I'm feeling much better about all this now, knowledge of these things helps so much!
  18. Thank-you very much! I will write to them, trading standards and send the DSA request to Halifax Will keep you posted on progress
  19. I have been getting these too from CapQuest (DCA)...i never answer and ignor 10+ calls some days...they have had a letter to say only communicate via letter too! last week with my new found knowledge i answered and it was all fuzzy untill they realised it was me and it all went clear...funny that! still they ended up shouting at me and hanging up as i had an answer for everything ... Oh Yesh! - needless to say they no longer call me
  20. Thanks will do this when i have a chance - do all CAB offices know what they are talking about though as last time i used them i got refered to a different branch miles away! - i went and they were hardly helpful at the time (though i did used to live in the sticks where the CAB office was in a church once a week lol) Also i feel like i had no choice but to accept the loan they offered...is there no way i can either stop paying it or cliam it back? - probably not but i still see it as unfair!
  21. I also have this problem with HSBC for a loan i'm still paying that they made me take out!
  22. 2 Site Helpers in one day - am i special? anyway - Trading Standards, which office seems to be investigating these things, i will be writing complaints at the weekend. I want to use the small cliams court to try and get my money back ... this should be possible shouldn't it? and is it the best way to tackle them?
  23. yes this is true, they have sent me a few items but not what i have asked for...no statements, no agrements (just a copy of an application form for one of 2 accounts...it doesnt say i had got the acount it was just a form to say they could search cred file and look at offering me one) also had 2 very odd letters from Halifax (original creditors) saying that the debt was passed on to CapQuest - it looks dogy tho as stated above, and the dates it was handed over are left blank...seems like an incomplete template to me! i think these are fakes as info thats missing would not b missed by Halifax...also no contact name or number on the letters - plus CapQuest say its a 'copy' of the one that they have from 2004...but it has jun 2006 date on it? i have it as a pdf if u would like to see it as far as i'm concerned i was 'forced' into thinking these were my debts, their tactics are truely shocking - letters form fake solicitors etc - i just want my money back, every time i tell them they cant do what they threaten me with they say it was a computer error...someone has to tell them what to do!!!
  24. Hang on - how does this work then? I jointed this month and have had 3 people leave me reputation, but it says only 1 point...even thought there are 3 comments etc? and do these 'point's add up to make the 'pips' by your username?
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