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  1. i think you can go via the small claims court much as with n e other claim? add interest at 8% and any costs (i.e the court costs) then sit back
  2. yeah its run like a credit card i noticed my interest is a fraction (like £1 a month) less now i have paid some off...its a poor show that they even offer them, HSBC are on my list - i will hunt them down!
  3. yep - think i'll go that route...will start a threat in HSBC when i have my DSAR info back...
  4. yeah that makes sense but my 0% overdraft was costing me nothing untill charges on a different account caused the managed loan...i dont mind paying my credit card ballance back as the loan is the same APR as the card was, i know i can claim interets on the say £400 worth of charges, and claim the charges them selves back - but why should i pay interest @ 17.9% on the £1000 that was previously an interest free overdraft? i never abused this account and never had any charges...i just dont see how its fair - in fact i think its irresposible lending as after i took out the managed loan (with little choice) i owed more than i started with and at a huge interst rate on something that would have cost me nothing to pay back!
  5. have you finished paying the loan - i'm in the same situation but only a quater way throught my agreement with HSBC, they told me unless i could pay off the £400 i owed them (over half in charges) then i had to take my credit card and £1000 interest free overdraft and the £400 unautherised overdraft and covert them into a managed loan and lose all facilities i.e. debit cards etc I'm going to claim back the charges over the whole account life - this is maybe £500 but want to claim all the interest too - am i right in thinking that i can only claim what they have charged to date...i guess then i could use my claim money to pay off the loan before more interest is added or continue to pay and claim again once its paid off...in 4 years!
  6. i think banks are ok....having seen some fudged douments form CapQuest DCA i dont sign anything i send them...i always get it PP'd
  7. your not required to send anything - they need to prove you owe teh debt not theother way round
  8. i'm dealing with these - see my signature and here: On Grumbletext.. Capquest Debt Recovery- Re "Re: Advice needed" posted by UpOverTheEyeballs at 12:46 15/08/06 ...thanks OTE.don't worry,I didn't take offence at your posting.The bailiff sitaution was for unpaid council tax,that has now been sorted and no longer relevant.I will send them a prove it letter,unfranked and bulked out with some junk mail as per your suggestion.Thanks once again for your help.Adea Grumbletext, UK consumer complaints about Capquest Debt Recovery - post your opinions, complaints, comments online or via SMS about Capquest Debt Recovery Capquest Debt Recovery complaint, Capquest Debt Recovery review, Capquest Debt Recovery opinion, Capquest Debt Recovery consumer review, Capquest Debt Recovery consumer complaint, Capquest Debt Recovery customer complaint, Capquest Debt Recovery consumer opinion, Capquest Debt Recovery customer opinion, Grumbletext my username is the same if you want to follow my story
  9. As its black horse check its not a personal loan, i thought i had a HP agrement but its a loan - they have still put the car on thre HPI register so they can take it back etc - i'm fighting to get this removed so i can sell it etc due to no longer needing a car. Be very carefull with them as if its on a loan even if you get it off the HPI register you cant give it back and if you sell you still owe them full loan value - i hate them! (see link in my sig...tho if i'm honest the garage are at fault most as they didnt explain what i was signing...) Hopefull its a HP agrement you have and indeed you can hand it back and work out a payment plan for any missed paymenst and damage to the car etc
  10. I think if you report this to the council and they dont act the next time it happens you can claim. My friend had an alloy wheel cracked on a road - he wrote and tried to claim £150 for the cost of a new wheel, they said not their fault as no one had brought it to their attention, 2 months later same hole cracked a new wheel (u'd think he'd learn!). he wrote and asked for money for damage again - they sent same letter saying they didnt know about it, he responded with a copy of his first letter and invoices for repair work to his car etc and they paid up without court action...needless to say the road in question has been relaid now and is smooth as a babies... i know its not much help to you but if you report it and it hapens again then then you may have a leg to stand on.
  11. panic over - he went to the bank and they were unhelpful untill he said well at midnight you're going to bounce a payment to yourself for my loan...they put his Overdraft back to £1000 and said he can reduce it by £10 a month untill its zeroed, if he keeps it good for 2 months from then they will give him back full overdraft facilities - we'll see! still at £10 a month payback that will be some time away!
  12. i think they have to keep documents for a reasonalble term - as the agrement covers 12months i think that anytime after that they can get rid of them...its determine what is classed as reasonable that is the problem.
  13. i understand what your saying as it happened to me too...but no he actually had £1050 agreed he's just heading for the bank but i suggested he gets a new account elsewhere asks for his wages in cash and re-sets his DD form there...
  14. I had a RBS Universa credit card with a £250 limit – exceeded my limit and got charged and the rest is history… the end balance on my credit file is shown at £420 and defaulted so £170 was from charges, a few DCA’s tried to collect it and I ignored them…then 1st Credit Contacted me and offered me a reduction to £330ish – I paid in full like a fool. My credit file says I still owe £420 and its still in default…I have called 1st credit to who say they have told RBS I paid – RBS deny this and won’t place a settled on my file. I now want to claim the unfair charges back on my account and dispute the default as it’s only due to the charges that I messed up the payments…I understand how to do this but want to know if I claim the full £170 in charges or only the difference as I paid DCA less as a settlement. Finally can I send the CCA to 1st credit even thought the debt has been paid and state that I am concerned that I have no recollection of the debt, then if they fail to supply the documents can I claim my payment back and make it direct to RBS?
  15. Hi I had a Halifax account in 2002 I was in difficulty, they let payments go over my overdraft and charged me, then they bounced stuff and charged me some more – anyway, they got their balance from the £800 overdraft to £2500ish, I ignored it and last year CapQuest collections hassled me for money – like a fool and without the knowledge I now I have I arranged to pay monthly which I did for 12months…I have currently paid approx £1000 to CapQuest and its now in dispute following the CCA request which they have failed to meet – see thread in signature. My credit file says in 2002 my Halifax account was partially settled – I don’t know what this means but assume a DCA has brought the debt and Halifax accepted this as a payment to close the account? I now want to claim back the charges on the account but obviously it’s difficult as I do owe them £800 albeit that I have paid over this to the DCA. I’m going to send the DSAR to Halifax and get figures etc, in the mean time if anyone has advise on how to tackle this then please let me know…this is becoming very complicated lol.
  16. Hi, I’m writing on behalf a my panicking brother, He tried to make a debit card payment today and it was refused due to insufficient funds, when he checked his balance it said £922 into overdraft…as his overdraft is £1050 I checked his online banking for him and noticed they have halved the overdraft to £500 without telling him, now he is £422 over his limit! He’s bounced a few things in the past 6 months but has always paid their charges and has been on track for maybe 2 months now. Is there anything he can do? This wages will now be swallowed up tomorrow and he has car insurance, mobile phone bill and Nationwide loan payment due in next couple of days all will now bounce etc. He cant get through yet on the phone but when he does what should he say?
  17. Hi – here’s the deal, My girlfriend rented a place last year with her friends. They took out the agreement in June and paid deposit and rent from then but didn’t move in until September due to holidays visiting parents etc. So we collect Keys in September last year, the place was a hole, the landlady said she had, had friends staying over to stop people thinking it was empty! Wtf, I was ready to flip then but my girlfriend saw it as a goodwill gesture and gave the landlady the benefit of the doubt…the problem was the place was messed up, no washing up done, food trodden into the floors etc. Anyway a few week later she called and complained about the mess as it had taken her 2 weeks to clean the place up and it wasn’t in that state when they viewed it…she was told that she was in the real world now and that the landlady had grown up things to do like managed her properties – what patronising rubbish. GF is 19 yr old student by the way. Anyway, upon leaving, the place was immaculate and far better than when they took over the lease, there were a few items that were discussed to come out of the deposit but couldn’t have been more than £50 worth, now she’s had the deposit returned and its down £300 for cleaning…I don’t see how as it was left well above her standards! How do we challenge these, as they were not mentioned in the closing inventory. To make matters worse my GF has gone to Africa for 3 months now and has forgotten to cancel the standing order to the old Land Lady, I have logged onto her online banking and now stopped it but this means my GF is £1000 down how do we get it back? Ex Land Lady wont speak to me as not my agreement and obviously GF cant call from Africa so I said I’d write on her behalf – I hope this is where you guys can help me ? What do I write first and how do I word it, she took the lease through a letting agents but they were not managing the property and we haven’t any pictures of it to prove mess etc.
  18. I have the same reason - i'm writing a letter today and will update my thread before tomorrow...will check it then to see what i've written - hopefully we can sort this out - i have same prob as i have mover to central london and havent used the car for 12months - they say i can seel it but the HPI register says i cant...who shoudl i complain to about this as imo its an unfair contract!
  19. i think they are all about 17% interst but obviouslt if you only pay a low percentage a month of the ballance most becomes interest
  20. i think if they do you can challenge it as its a different aggrement - after all if you put cash in your account they cant take it to pay off their loan - its the same thing if you ask me
  21. I had: £500 credit card - it was within its limit and no missed payments £1000 - INTEREST FREE student over draft - within its limit (just) £400 - unautherised overdraft - i got this mostly as they let some payments go throught when i didnt have the money then they charged me till it got to £400. I wrote regarding the £400 unautherised account and made an offer of £50 per month - the response was, yeah we accept this and have stopped your credit card, and both overdrafts - here a solo card please stop using your switch cards and master card and return them - we have arranged for a managed loan on your account at £1700 over 5 years - total payable 3000!!!! Now forgive me but thats a lot more interest than i would have paid if i had put £50 a month between my card and overdrafts at low / no interest - i think this was irresponsible leanding, i also felt althought they said if you dont wish to accept within 10 days the full ballance must be clear that i had to accept - i was 21 and didnt know better - i will send a DSAR to them and claim back charges but these will be a under £400 as except for the 2 months where this happened my account was perfect! - i would love to claim the loan back - i know i owe some of it but i shouldnt have to pay all that interest - i pay £50 a month and they put well over £20 on in interest per month, also they mark my credit file as one month late every month even though i always pay on time!
  22. I have this to - i exceeded one of my overdrafts by £400 and wrote offering repayment of £50 per month to get it in check , they wrote back and said they would accept this but they were closing my credit card, removing both my overdrafts and would give me £1700 i had 10 days to sign or pay in full - i had no choice - i now pay £50 per month and interest is £28 per month - how is that helping me when i had an interest free overdraft before and now i'm paying these kind of interest rates? they have forced me into more debt in my opinion - but i guess there is nothin i can do about it the also mark my credit file late as every month and i dont knwo why - its always paid on time via standing order
  23. thats a valid point actually - not only was i bullied into it, i was unaware that at the time halifax actually owed me money, the account was disputed cause they got my £800 overdraft to near 3K by charging me every day for 6 months closing my account after i asked for help many times and then capquest got it! i have posted my full saga on grumbletext website - i have same user name there - its a worthy read as some sound advice there good luck to any one dealing with them!
  24. I have told you a visious lie - its not posted on this site its on a differest one! I cant find it now... (letters in blue my comments in red) It says (u better clcik them scales for the effort i've put in typing this lol) I am writing to inform you that shouldnt this have i/we here? have sold your account to CapQuest Investments Limited this means that the effective owners of the above account are now CapQuest Investments Limited CapQuest Investmenst Limited have appointed one of their group companies, CapQuest Debt Recovery Limited to manage your account on their behalf. All contact regarding this account shoudl now be directed to CapQuest Debt Recovery Limited on telephone number 0870 08433535 (national rates apply) I confirm that the amount outstanding on you account as at was £2345 - shouldnt this have a date on it? Yours sincerely Euan McPherson Now the letter is on halifax paper the signatiure is scanned on not written and Euan McPherson has no job title on it...the headed paper just has halifax logo and the registered address on the bottom - its odd that it didn't have a contact number (banks usually do) also it came in a plain envelope not the usual type with halifax return address on it - its dated 23 June 06 and yet CapQuest refer to it in a later letter as a copy of the letter they have dated 04 Nov 04 - not sure how ist a copy if it has a different date! As you can see its gramatically poor is missing the important stuff like sold dates etc and the total owed is what i owe CapQuest after paying them for a year - it was much more 12 months ago so wouldnt that figure be on halifax records? a few days latter CapQuest sent this: we note with regret that you have chosen not to deal with this matter dispite our numerous communications to you endeavouring to assist you to a satisfactory arrangement to settle this account without the need for legal action" what correspondance? i have had a couple of letter to say thanks for yoru letter your accounts on hold whilst we waste your time but that it! any way its not the usual short one liner its a whole page of small text - it goes on to say they are now passing it to there litigation team and legal proceedings against me will start on the 13th of July (thought i had to have 7 days notice?) they go on to explain that when an order is granted in THEIR favour bailiffs will empound goods to sell at auction and i shoudl note that any items they take will only get a maximum of 10% of their value etc etc what documents will they show the court to prove this debt?...i havent had any!!! it then ends with: "be in no doubt failure to respond within the time stipulated will result in legal action being instagated and we will utilise the legal system to its full extent to ensure that this account is settled". then goes on to say call now pay us etc etc and finishs with a photocopied signature and the job title : Litigation Executive on behalf of CapQuest Debt Recovery Limited I followed it up with this one: Dear Sir or Madam, Thank-you for your recent correspondence I would like to take this opportunity to express my concerns with your letter. You state: "we note with regret that you have chosen not to deal with this matter despite our numerous communications to you endeavouring to assist you to a satisfactory arrangement to settle this account without the need for legal action" According to my records I have had various letters that have resulted in you avoiding my requests. In addition to this there have been numerous letters to state my account is on hold. Obviously something has gone a-miss here and I would be grateful if you could send me your 'endeavoured assistance' in the form of the information I have requested. In addition to this I have had numerous ill mannered telephone conversations, where your colleagues are either unaware of the facts and the law or choose to ignore them! Your latest letter also contains threats of legal action and bailiffs, I would like to illustrate to you, that without providing the documentation I have requested you would not legally be able to carry out such proceedings. As you seem incapable of providing me with anything I have ordered backdated statements from my bank to conclude how much I have paid CapQuest. Once I have this fugue I will be starting legal proceedings to retrieve my money plus interest lost at 8% as set out by the courts guidelines and any legal fees incurred. As always I shall look forward to your response and getting one step closer to drawing this long overdue issue to a close Yours faithfully Then i got a REAL reply from a non computer based print out! We thank-you for your recent correspondence the content of which has been noted In response to your request to provide a full refund of all monies paid towards the above mentioned accounts we write to advise that this will not be forthcoming. CapQuest Debt Recovery Ltd has been handling these accounts since November 2004 and at no stage have you indicated the accounts were disputed or fraudulent. Your regular payments to the accounts and the request for a full and final settlement figure are an acknowledgment of the debts and as such you would be aware of the original agreements and the terms attached. Please be advised that we have requested a further copy of both agreements from HBOS PLC but respectfully remind you that liability has been admitted for the debts with the agreed payment plans negotiated with you under separate cover. Please note that the interest applies to the accounts has been refuded whilst the payment plan is in place but whilst no payments are being received, the interest will be applied at a rate of 1%per month. As requested, we have forwarded on the 22 June 06 a copy of the letter dated 22 November 04 issued by HBOS PLC advising you your accounts had been sold to CapQuest Debt Recovery Ltd and thus providing you with notice of assignment. We note that the automated system generated a letter advising that the accounts had been returned to HBOS PLC. Please be advised this is not the case. This was a system error. CapQuest Debt Recovery Ltd will be dealing with these two accounts and the handling will not change. Please find attached your £1.00 postal order which is not required. We request that you contact our Collections Debt on the telephone number 08700843501 withiin 7 days to rearrange your payment plan or should you require any further information please contact the collections administration department on telephone number 08700842515. We note that you have already taken advise from your solicitor and avise that we will be happy to correspond with them upon receipt of their contact details and you signed authority to discuss theis (their spelling mistake) issue with them. The copy agreements will be forwarded as soon as we receive them. In the meantime your accounts will be put on hold pending a response from either you or your Solicitor. Your Sincerely Anne McClaren Collections Administration Departme they assumed the solicitor part and tho i had been paying i dont feel that this is admittance as i was bullied into it without seeing the correct info - if only i knew what i know now...think when i get all teh paper work from Halifax etc i can claim this back...? I hope this mass of infor helps you (or helps you sleep either way!) If its to complicated to follow ask away and i'll try and help
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