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  1. no - this is horse poo - they have to send them you as far as i know (unless they dont have them then they have tto say that) i have had debt collectors after me for a 3G debt for ages - they wouldn't respond to my letters and passed it to collections - its still on my file now as defaulted as every DCA i have sent the CCA letter and got a responce of its been handed back to 3G they will be in contact soon (which they never are!) I sent them the default removal template last week and noticed then have cashed the cheque today so will be interesting to see their responce! good luck.
  2. I'm sure thats rubbish - they are meant to contact the company to confirm the accuarcy! oh well - i guess you will have to contact the company and get it deleted / updated...it could well be fraud on someones part and thats the last thing you want flagged against you
  3. they have been doing this to long! - i assumed my agrement was HP untill i paid half and got out the documents to return the car! - i'm gutted as cant even sell the thing now and dont use it at all... i have contacted them regarding this - i gave them 14 days to respond and confirm they have removed their interest from the car so i can sell it!- this is up on the 2nd - will be interesting to see if they reply...good luck!
  4. i think if you contact experian etc they will look into it for you - after all its potentially fraud
  5. How long have you been in arrears? Deferment can be backdated for a maximum of three months only. Any remaining arrears (repayments which have fallen due but not been met) are due for repayment. This means that if you apply late, you may be liable for some repayments. taken from here: Deferring repayment of your student loan : Directgov - Education and learning
  6. i had this when i took out my vodafoe contract - about £10-12 a month, i assumed it was as i hadnt brough my phone from vodafone direct and the retailer had given 3ed parties permission to txt me. anyway - i did text 'stop' to the numer that was sending me text and they actually stopped - i dont think i ever had another one. try this whats the worst that can happen?
  7. as far as i'm awear yes...i wouldnt have thought they can do anything to your house unless it was secured on it anyway. sending this letter doesnt re-start the clock, and its prob just a fishing letter to see if it was you at this address if its your first letter from them.
  8. well as over 6 years old i think its 'statute barred' (unles sthere is a CCJ or its amortgage debt i think its unenforcable) there is a template kicking about that you can send - i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong! good luck
  9. Will be interesting to see the outcome of this... I understand the score is already on the file tho...i assumed that each lender have there own scoring system but i'm begining to this the refernce agents create this score (as you can get it online from all 3 CRA's) and the lenders just have different thresholds etc... I think (IMO) if you remove your info they will still calculate the score its just you wont be able to see how they did it? Looking forward to someone getting somewhere with this - good luck.
  10. would i be right in thinking that a blank file just hides who you owe and how much etc - if this is the case i'm sure your credit score will still come up? I use checkmyfile.com - Credit reference, Credit file, Credit score you get all 3 reports the experian reports have no creditor information just a score (ironically teh lowest of them all!)...when i asked why this was they said it was as this is what a creditor will see - i think by removing all your data from view it will still be there to generat a score you just wont be able to see it...thus actually putting you in a worse position? just my opinion - note this opinion could change at n e time
  11. I agree - we've all seen how these chain mail e-mails spiral outta control and get around the world in 3 minutes...i'm gonna send the link to this site to every one in my inbox and ask them to do the same - with some luck no one will need to buy this info on e-bay then
  12. I think if you send them back and state that you dont want them and could they send you a cheque and confirmation that the account is closed you should be fine.
  13. Yeah i have to say my dealership did the same - i assumed it was HP - i should have read terms and conditions but the way he was talking i just guessed it was HP. Black Horse are breaking the rules by adding the cars to the HPI register but the Dealership i used have played me like a fiddle! I'll be tackeling them next - mis sold PPI, amanding documents i signed adding warrenties etc etc and charging me for stuff i never recieved - all the fun of the fair sure the D.S.A.R will bring up all sorts! the only good news about this is my Dad is currently renting my car off me which is more than covering the payments and i guess as its been 2 years and i havent missed a payment the credit file will look better
  14. I see - so each month they send the whole payment history not just adding the next mark onto the list so to speak...its all starting to make more sense now!
  15. I have read that thread with great interest but as far as i see it they were sharing the data when the account was active and now the account is closed they are not sharing it - its already there...so long as they dont add to it they arent doning anything wrong - althought the credit reference agencies maybe by holding this information? I'll just shut up now lol
  16. so if the account is closed they have to remove all payment history from your credit file? this doesnt sound right to me...(or am i reading this all wrong?)
  17. thanks, i'm glad someone has gotten somewhere - i have done this and given them 14days to complete it - that runs out on the 2nd of September... I think everyone i have spoken to that has a black horse loan has had their car placed on the HPI register - i'll be writing to the FLA and asking them to investigate this as its not fair for Black horse to have their cake and eat it.
  18. but i'm right in thinking they can keep the old stuff on there? ie from when the account was active?
  19. My brothers bank did this to him...not because he was claiming but because he had bounced 3 cheques and exceeded his limit buy up-to £22 over the past 6 months...they reduced it from £1000 to £500 and bounced a host of other things before he noticed...he called up and said look your shooting your slef in the foot as your loan and credit cards will bounce if you dont give it me back - they raised his limit back to £1000 and agreed to reduce it by £10 a month untill its back at zero... maybe if you arange a similar reducing agrement they wont be able to cancel it as you will be in an agrement and unless you break it they shouldn't be able to demand it in full?
  20. I dont think you shoudl worry about it as you've followed all the right channels
  21. this is eaxctly what happened to my dad except he didnt do anything about it as he didnt know about this site - it was about 2 years ago when he was sick of the charges so moved to a different bank...he ignored all letters and now his £700 overdraft is showing as £5500 on his credit file!!!! it also says gone away next to it lol.... i think once i have been throught the claim procedure for myself i'll get him onto it with Lloyds as hes been averaging £120 a week forever with Lloyds (13years!)
  22. Can you believe CapQuest (the DCA) have recieved their letter about not calling me and only contacting via post - this was 8.40 am (accordidng to track and trace) Wait for it!... they have just tried to call me - i can't believe it - i just hope its just 'cause they haven't put a note on my account yet - but something tells me they just dont care! I've made a note of date and time of attempted call and will wait and see if they keep it up beofre reporting them to the police!
  23. Well at the end of the day if i use the small claims court whats there argument...they cant give me the paperwork so how will they give it to a court...i'm sure no court would look at them in a good light by showing the papers in court but not to me - time will tell...i get the feeling this one could drag on lol.
  24. Update: Halifax (the Original Creditor) I have sent the DSAR to Halifax to see if my account status is settled and to calculate charges to date - then i'll claim and if there is still a balance outstanding then i'll happily pay it off - i dont dispute what i owe from my overdraft...just the charges. CapQuest (the DCA) I have posted a letter to CapQuest today to ask them to stop calling me as its about 4 times a day now...admittedly i dont answer but they have been asked from day one to contact via letter only - i also said i was upset that when they leave messages they are 'fuzzy' and incoherent except the reference number and telphone details...funny thing is its the same when i do answer untill the realise i'm on the other end - then its a miracal...all becomes clear lol - i smell a rat! anyway as soon as i have the proof of how much i have paid (requested bank statements from my current bank to calculate how much i have paid - i've never had any charges on this account but to get statements it would cost £5 per sheet...DSAR = £10 - bargain!) i'm going to send an LBA to CapQuest as soon as info arrives requesting total to be paid back within 14 days, then failing that i will launch a claim for my money back as without paperwork they have obtained money by deception if you ask me!? does anyone think this is unreasonable?
  25. would this mean if you have been paying and they cant provide the info to meet the CCA request you could put in a claim for payments back?
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