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  1. Did you have any joy with this - my mum has just 'fallen' for a similar thing - I was thinking of sending an email to the company first but I'm not expecting any joy!
  2. Can't you sell the car? you can live off the money for the short term, maybe downgrade to a cheap run about if you need personal transport or join a car share club... ...you could also join one of the firms that allow you to rent your car out by the hour, that would provide you with a little income when you're not using the car.
  3. ...why 2-3 months? I suspect if you just stopped paying and didn't do anything then the following would happen: month 1 would be letters and phone calls from the banks, month 2 would be frozen accounts, month 3-6 would be letters from their collections department month 6 default and sold to debt collectors - then they add their charges and chase you like hell for the outstanding balances.
  4. Ah this makes sense now - I'll get a letter together this weekend...I assume as 2 flights from 2 airports were canceled theoretically I shodul be entitled to 250euros for each canceled flight + 1 instance of lost luggage? I'll update when I've written something down. Thanks J
  5. Thanks I'll have a good read over the weekend, before I dig deeper does the fact the destination was Switzerland not an EU country come into play here? Thanks J
  6. Hi Chaps. Some friends and I recently went for a 4 day trip Switzerland to look after an aunties cat whilst she went away. We had outbound flights with Swiss Air from Heathrow T1 and unfortunately 10 mins after arriving they cancelled our flight as there was an Airbus on fire on the runway…OK so these things happen, we waited for a couple of hours in a queue to find out what to do and eventually agreed to fly from City Airport at 7am the next day – no refreshments or accommodation were offered because we live in London. We drove home which took 5 hours on the M25 as it was rush hour(s) on a Friday. I got in at midnight, booked a cab to city airport for 5am. We got to city airport at 5.30am on the Saturday and were told that unfortunately there were weight restrictions on the flight due to the air conditions – they said we were only on the reserve list which was the first we’d heard of it and that if the flight was too heavy we wouldn’t be getting on. The did however say we could flight to Frankfurt at 2.30pm, then onto Geneva arriving about 7pm that day if we wanted as a backup and that if that happened they would give us a 250euro pre-paid card each as compensation… …so we went through to the departures lounge, eventually got to the gate and they still hadn’t confirmed that we would get on the flight – eventually they check everything and agreed although on the cusp the flight was OK to take off – brilliant! We were allocated seats and joined the queue to board when an engineer came running in and said there was an oil leak – long story short they cancelled the flight. So we queued up again for 3 hours to be told that we could go back to Heathrow, fly with BA from there to Brussels, then wait 3 hours and go from Brussels to Geneva we had no choice so we accepted, they also said the 250 euro option was withdrawn as it was offered for a difference problem not the oil leak! So we get a black cab to Heathrow – Swiss paid for it, get to Heathrow T5, there was an hour delay but we eventually took off and landed in Brussels with time before our connecting flight – no issues with the connecting flight eventually we landed at 9.30pm the day after we were meant to arrive [about 26 hours late]…my Auntie had already gone on holiday so we had to pay 70 euros for a cab to where we were staying. Then we notices that one of the checked bags had gone walk about – we reported this, it was still in Brussels and they said they’d send it out when it arrived…this was a further 26 hours later. In a 4 day trip we lost 25% of our trip, and didn’t get a bag back for a further 26hours… Are there any rules that mean we can claim compensation? We had trip insurance but they say as Swiss eventually got us alternative flights we’re not entitled to anything...I also get European trio cover with my bank but sadly Switzerland is outside of the EU so little point in calling them!
  7. ...well those images failed miserably - use this link to download them. Page 1 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3100387/Westcot/Westcot%201.jpg Page 2 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3100387/Westcot/Westcot%202.jpg J
  8. Well this is interesting – I think I prematurely said that Westcot hadn’t responded because tonight low-and-behold they have. In summary; they returned my £1 that was sent months ago and deny all wrongdoing on their part, they state the CCJ is valid but they also allude to having zero evidence of such, they also state that now this debt belongs to Arrow Global and suggest that my account is on hold for 60 days [not sure how they can hold it if its no longer theirs] – they suggest I apply for it to be set aside and end by saying there is no agreement hence the return of my £1. Their whole letter has been uploaded below: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45522[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45519[/ATTACH] Is applying to have it set aside straightforward?
  9. Well no surprise that Westcot have gone all silent on me. I suppose my next move is to start the ball rolling to have this set aside... ...is it worth complaint to 'anyone' else? J
  10. I see - just another piece of worthless paper then, I assumed they meant something. Cheers Brig.
  11. I see - so I need to find out the termination date of the account which will determined if the figure is correct? ...so should the 'default' date on my credit file reflect the termination date not the date of the default notices I've had?
  12. Thanks Brig, I understand that its only 1 default but I'm trying to work out which 1 should be showing on my credit file - the first 1, i.e. when they initially defaulted me or the second 1 which they sent a couple of months later with a higher figure on it? it seems unfair that they can issue a default notice and then later issue a further one despite the fact that it was already defaulted? Its not a true representation of the situation - they defaulted me in June, I didn't do anything about it as I didn't know about it, then they added further charges and sent a new notice. My file is closest to the newer notice although the dates are still a few weeks out - I woudl have thought it should be the same as the notice? J
  13. Hi, I have a default showing on my credit file. Having issued a SAR to the creditor I got a pile of paper back, within this were 2 default notices for the same account, one in June 2011 for £500ish and one in August 2011 for £700 ish, no payments were made in between. The default on my file is for the £700 figure and states September as the default date. Before I take matters further: Can they issue more than 1 default notice? Should charges have ceased after the first default notice? Does the date on default notices have to match the credit file exactly? Thanks J
  14. In regards to the above post / quote – the university does indeed hold the cards but I think they are doing so unfairly – I’ve paid over £15k in fees to this university over my degree and diploma, all out of my pocket not student finance and not from my parents - all my own hard work so I’m unhappy that the school is behaving like this, especially when I’m waiting to pay them a further 2k to complete my professional qualification! – it’s like getting to the end of an 8 year loan and then being told that you owe more because they changed the terms half way but they didn’t inform you. I have been through the university’s finance department and got nowhere, they don’t even respond to emails although they did reduce the balance from £500 to £330 as they said they had applied the wrong cost-per-credit to my account. As suggested I have passed this on to the students union today to see if they can escalate the complaint, I’ve also found out that the university should be governed by the ‘QAA’ [Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education] but I don’t think they have any say on fees – it does say they are meant to ensure that students get value for money thought so it might be worth making contact. I guess first port of call is an official written complaint to the university with a follow up to the QAA if they fail to respond. Any other insight into this will be gratefully received as I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall!
  15. So as expected Westcot missed their own 8 week deadline to respond which would have been 2 weeks ago – I have them sent them an official complaint disputing the debt, stating that they are in breach of the CCA, as well and failing to comply with their own complaints criteria – I have told them that I expect them to apply to remove the CCJ and provide me with regular updates of its progress and I stated that I expected them to make me an offer of compensation for the miss-placed CCJ and all the problems its caused me. I gave them a generous 14 days to respond, this gives them 3 more days from the day it was signed for at their end - I don’t expect them to comply with this. So in the assumption that they don’t what are my next moves – I guess I need to apply to have the CCJ set-aside, then once awarded take Westcot through the small claims court for compensation and costs? Who else do I make aware of their shortfalls, financial ombudsman? Trading standards? I’d like to write to anyone who will listen really! J
  16. oddly that's comforting to hear! ...do CEOs actually read their mail? I'll search for his address assuming its in the public domain. J
  17. Hi, thanks for this, I'd managed to find that to but its not specific enough - as in its not dated and its not the T&C I had with my account as the fees for the overdraft facilities don't tie up. I know its been asked a million times but I can never find a conclusive answer - are bank accounts covered by the CCA and are overdrafts? I basically want the T&C of my account including the banks responsibilities for the switching service - i.e. what they say they will do as part of that service. I've sent a SAR and its not returned any of these things - I opened the account in branch so i have some screen captures but they don't pick up T&Cs or signatures - what was interesting that my employment details are all incorrect thought - salary, work address, length of employment - I would not have said these things wrong - they've actually listed my salary as less than i earned - I don't know if its relevant but it annoyed me that they incorrectly entered my details - i wonder if National Hunter flag things like that as it will def be an anomaly when compared to other applications with other institutes ? Thanks J
  18. Is anyone still here for me it feels like I’ve been droning on to myself for a while ): ? I’m completely at a loss as to my next move and would really appreciate it if someone has a chance to have a read through this and provide their opinions as I’m now feeling very defeated: After Santander’s final comment on my complaint the following roughly summarises where I’m at as of today: Alliance and Leicester account: • Defaulted balance - £718 – I’ve paid £250 of this which I owed in overdraft but this has yet to be reflected in the balance shown on my credit files. • The status on my credit file says Gone Away but I’ve not gone away and written correspondence has taken place for at least the past 9 months. I queried the ‘gone away’ status through Equifax who came back and said: “Santander has investigated your query and have asked that you get in touch with them directly using these details. The information you disputed will remain unchanged on your Credit Report. Phone: 0845 603 9035 [collections number]” Against all things I know I called the collections number as I wanted to see why it says gone away and ask for what they deem to be the up-to-date balance. As usual they couldn’t verify my details so they said they can’t talk about my account – I told them that I’d written and the response was to call the collections number. I also mentioned that previously I’ve been to branch which has refused to deal with me as my address didn’t add up; I updated my address in writing with Santander 9 months ago and they’ve been writing to me since then so I don’t know what it is that they can’t verify as the only other question is my name and date of birth. So following their final response I guess I have to accept this default now and clear the balance unless I want 6 years of no credit? I know settling it isn’t much better but it’s better than nothing. • Who do I complain to about this whole ordeal as it’s been diabolical? • Is there anything else I can do to attempt to get this default overturned? • Is it worth a new complaint to attempt to find out why they always refuse to speak with me on the phone? • Should I see if a settlement can be reached on the remaining balance? • Should I have received 2 default notices? Should the default on my credit file reflect one – if so which as it’s currently neither [see post 47] NB: The other account with the £1800 balance has now been completely removed from both Call Credit and Equifax, and it never appeared on my Experian file…this was only removed today after I queried it through the Credit Reference Agencies directly, despite repeatedly asking Santander to do it! I hope I’m not a lost cause, thanks in advance guys J
  19. not to my knowledge, you register on line it says this is the fee pay it now to be registered and that's he end of it...or so i thought.
  20. I wonder If anyone has any thoughts. I’ve just successfully passed my post graduate diploma in architecture [RIBA Part 2] and today have received a letter from the university [of Greenwich] stating that I owe them over £500 still – I found this odd as I pay my fees myself and I paid them upfront in September as you basically have no choice and are booted off the course if you haven’t paid in full by December. So I contacted student finance and they state I haven’t paid for and 'extra' 20 credits. A little background – the diploma is 240 credits and it paid for on a per credit basis – the University had a major shake up half way through the course and we had a new Dean of school who basically came in, sacked all the tutors, brought in new ones and turned the course on its head. Whilst this was disruptive I seemed to get along fine with the new course structure but the problem is the balance of credits has been changed around so when I started the course was structured something like this: Yr 1 80 credits Yr 2 100 credits Yr 3 60 credits The reshuffle came about after Yr 1 with further adjustments to after yr 2 so what I ended up doing was: Yr 1 80 Yr 2 80 Yr 2 100 New students do 3x80 credits but somehow with the re-shuffle of the course one of the units that is key to the course is now worth more credits than it was when I first stated and as a result has to be tagged onto my final year… …basically I’m not happy that they want £500 for the ‘extra’ credits that I didn't sign up for and had no choice but to do because they decided the final year is now worth more...ts essentially the same as it was when i started but now its 'worth' 20 credits more than it used to be. I can’t just ignore it as I still have to go back and do a further course to become an architect and they won’t let me register for this until the balance is paid in full! I've spoken with the head of finance and the people that assign the credits – they won’t budge. thanks J
  21. Hi, Following the above [which I’d still be grateful of anyone's thoughts] I wanted to get all my paperwork into date order to give me a full and clear overview of what’s happened in the past year – in the documents received from the SAR I noticed Santander issued me with a default notice for this account twice…once in June 2011 for £500+ then they carried on charging me and sent another default notice in August 2011 for £700+ [it’s only listed once on my credit file for the £700+ figure with the default date as September 2011] Can they do that? Surly they can’t just add further charges after the default was issued and then issue a new one to suit their new figure? J
  22. Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the terms and conditions of Alliance and Leicester's switching service from 2010 - I've sent a SAR to Santander whcih has returned no agreement for my overdraft and no T&C for the account nor the switching service I signed up for. I'd like to see if they have broken their own T&C but I'm not sure where to look! J
  23. I'm trying to find out similar for my old A&L account - I noticed that Santander upped the fees when they took over but I can't find the original ones I signed up to!
  24. Did you ever get anywhere with this? I'm having a nightmare - Santander are so hard to communicate with!
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