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  1. This is still going on, received a letter today saying it wasn't heard in May because the claimants contact details were not before the court, says i can apply for it to be set aside stayed or discharged from 7 days of service of the order but that's dated 14 july it only arrived today 22nd so too late ?
  2. Ok thanks, so I pretty much just need to say I am sticking to my defence I sent last year? Do I have to "attend" the hearing or can I just submit that. I know these are probably really daft questions like I said I have no experience with this at all.
  3. Barely. I'm totally lost this is all completely foreign to me, I'm worried I don't have a leg to stand on with having ignored so much. I can only remember that I did try and defer in 2014 yet there seems to be no mention of this.
  4. A letter having gone astray is a possibilty, what with them sending stuff to 2 different addresses.
  5. No it was sent to my address came about 3 days ago- I ignored it - I know I only panicked today when i got an email from the court asking for my telephone number to do the meeting link.
  6. I don't know what half those terms mean, I'll be honest I buried my head in the sand rather foolishly thinking it would go away I have no idea if I received relevant correspondence and didn't take any action, What i have received now is from my county court civil justice centre, Yes it is an N244
  7. It's a massive bundle with witness statements from Erudio - says in black and white they reject my statute bar defence. I'll have access to a scanner tomorrow.
  8. I have now received a court summons from my local court evidently my defence failed, I have no idea what to do - I can't afford to pay what I owe I assume I tell them that and say how much I can. As you may have guessed I have no experience of things like this.
  9. I have received a letter from Drydens saying my appeal has been rejected they (erudio)are saying they only served the default notice in September 2018 so it isn't statute barred. I have no idea what to do please help
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