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  1. Many thanks I worry so much , it's not been sorn tonight but really should have remembered to do it six months ago , the tax has been out since November as well and mot , fingers crossed , I Justin worry as how will they know we hav'nt used it the last six months , it's in bits won't ever show up on any cameras in the last year , !
  2. Thankyou , the mot is obviously out as well , I thought you could get fined for late notifications of sorn
  3. Sixsmith

    Vehicle not SORN

    I'm really worried , we have a few cars , one is in bits at the bottom of the garden has been for a year , I had a sudden panic today we have not sorn it , it is insured we just forgot , I have looked on ask mid and the tax ran out in november , we have sorn it tonight but I'm real worried we will get a large fine coming or way through our own stupid mistake , thanks for your time
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