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  1. do you think there is any chance for a OOC settlement ? is it best to write again or call first to find out who has been assigned to my case then write to that person specifically ?
  2. Hi HB, I can't see any court dates? there is a charge date. is it 21 days from that? I know I have to either plea guilty or not within 21 days.
  3. so I have just received my single justice procedure notice through the post last night. It has the witness statement attached with case number. however no person in charge of my case details/name on it. any advice of my next step please? call / continue writing to TFL ?
  4. I studied in europe so I came back as a fully registered doctor and I am currently working as a locum doctor (contracting)
  5. guys, please I would need your help here as I plan to send this letter out tomorrow... thanks a lot in advance.
  6. i know there is no excuse for doing what I have done and it has haunt me ever since. I am trying my best to block out so I can remain professional at what I do but I’m really struggling. I’m terrified that I cannot continue what I am doing. Any thoughts on the letter?
  7. I’m sure that they can check it. I have used it to go home from work for about 10 days. So what would you suggest is the best way to explain myself for my stupidity? Some mess with payroll/HR- ( as I am a contracting doctor). At the time, I only had £55 left in my bank account.
  8. This is what I have wrote. Should I be submitting a tfl record of my credit card ( tap in and out record) and my prepay Oyster card too? Also should I send a copy of my bank statement to prove I haven’t been paid? Dear Sir or Madam, I apologise profusely for my regretful actions in this case. I feel utterly ashamed for my poor judgement. I have had financial difficulties due to delayed salary payment. I have been using my prepaid oyster card and credit card regularly, however that morning I had left my credit card at home and my oyster card had insufficient funds. I was running late for work and I therefore made a devastating decision which has haunted me since. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that I am feeling deeply remorseful and embarrassed with the whole situation. I am extremely fearful of the potential consequences on my future as the General Medical council takes criminal conviction very seriously. I have just graduated from medical school less than a year ago and it has been my childhood dream to become a doctor. I have gone through a very long road in achieving that and having a criminal offence would prevent me from practicing as a doctor ever again and It would ruin any of my dreams and hopes of being a great medical practitioner for a moment of utter stupidity. I am deeply sorry for my actions and the inconvenience caused to all involved. I am happy to make immediate payment of the unpaid fare and any incurred costs that my actions have caused. I would really appreciate if you would kindly show some leniency in this matter so I can continue my passion in saving lives and helping others. I again reassure you that I will never ever make such mistake again in the future. Please kindly comment. I’m not sure if I have explained enough?
  9. Hi all, I have decided not to proceed with any legal advice yet and i have drafted a letter. One silly question- is it safe to post it on here? any chance the prosecutors will be reading this on this forum ?
  10. I’ve uploaded it https://ibb.co/GsnQLCY https://ibb.co/F6bnjyN
  11. Question: do I mention I have been stopped before and explained that situation or best to just concentrate on this incident? Im finding it hard to find an excuse for myself ( as I know I’m in the wrong) as I have been lucky enough to get out of this once and I have learnt from my mistake but clearly have put it behind me when I haven’t been paid for 3-4 weeks and stupidly decided to pay for selective journeys only...
  12. It was just a letter saying they might proceed with legal charge and asked me to explained / accept or deny the charge and has asked me to reply within 10 days.
  13. Hi everyone , I have received the letter on Friday, giving me 10 days to explain my case. Ever since the day, I cannot stop worrying and feel tremendously stupid with my actions. I cannot sleep at night and struggling to remain professional at work. I am unsure if I need to seek for legal advice or start drafting a letter first? I know I don’t have much time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My biggest mitigating circumstances is my job and i do suffer from a long term autoimmune skin disorder (not sure if this will help my case). I have been reading the others successful threads on this forum and has a good idea as to what to put in the letter... thank you so much for everyone’s help.
  14. So I was stopped by the same inspector earlier this year. He showed me mercy and just asked me to pay £40. I got a credit card receipt. Nothing was written in the book. I cannot explain my stupid actions. I think trying to save a few quid has gotten over me. This could potentially cost me my whole life and i can’t feel anymore stupid right now.
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