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  1. I have not heard a 'peep' from them ever since I submitted my PAP Letter reply form asking them to provide full details of my debt.......! It is now more than 10 years since I left Dubai and so in any case, whatever debt they may claim to have found, I think by now would most likely be Statute Barred?
  2. Not sure. Perhaps Moriarty Law have 'bought' the debt from them...? However, as far as I am concerned, I did not have any debt with ADCB, so I don't know what it is they think they have bought!!
  3. Thanks SP. I will reply to the PAP stating I don't believe I owe this debt and ask them to provide all the evidence. However, reading the note again, it specifies that I defaulted on 24/7/10 - which means that the debt, if there is one, is currently only 9 years old, so SB letter may not work yet. That said, if ADCB are looking to take the case through UK Court, surely the Limitation Period is as per Limitation Act 1980, which is 6 Years and not the 10 years applicable under UAE Law. Finally, the date is very spurious - I left UAE in Decembe
  4. Unfortunately, they were sent to my old work email address - which I no longer have access to. However, I am quite sure that at least one of these was sent by IDRWW debt collection company. As I said earlier, I got a letter periodically, probably no more than once per year or maybe per 18 months. Hope this helps.
  5. No, Ive never written to Creditor about address in UK because I never knew I had any debt! To my knowledge, I don't believe I have ever received any mail from ADCB.....
  6. In any case, even if there were funds owed, I doubt whether the value of £7,600+ is legitimate. Do they not have to show me how this debt has accrued? Also, given that any debt which may exist goes back to 2009, would it not be considered Statute Barred, due to the length of time involved? Your advice is much appreciated DX.
  7. Hi, I don't have any of the old emails - last one I received was prob more than 1 year ago. I have lived at the same address since returning to UK in 2009. However, I have seen a TRACE on my Credit Reference file about 1 month ago, so assume it was them. I will complete the Reply form answering that I do not recognise this debt - unless you think otherwise? Thanks for your help.
  8. I attach a copy of the PAP Letter received from Moriarty Law. The amount I am being told I owe is £7,611 - but absolutely no detail as to how this has accrued or been calculated. I do need to reply within 30 days and included in the letter is a Standard PAP Reply Form. I was thinking of sending them the Reply Form stating that I do not owe this debt and asking them to provide full evidence so that I may consider it. What is you opinion? Also, this debt if it is to be believed, is now nearly 10 years old and considering they are preparing a Cour
  9. Hi all, I have seen a number of similar threads on this forum regarding debt in Dubai, but wanted some advise on this particular 'twist'! I lived in Dubai for many years and left in 2009. I closed all my bank accounts etc before I left, around 2 years after I left (2011), I received an email from a UK debt company (IDR) saying that I owed Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) around £600 on an unpaid Credit Card, dating back to 2008 - the email explained that the amount included interest and other late payment charges. Having read on t
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