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  1. Hello I only have electricity, no gas in the premises. Thanks for the advice. It's so frustrating trying to speak to British Gas and now they have done this. Makes you feel powerless about something that is not my responsibility. I'm in the process of selling as well and this could ruin the sale.
  2. Thank you so much. I pay rent to the landlord and own the business. The landlord owns the building which comprises of my cafe then around ten rooms upstairs that are rented as holiday lets. I've been there for around 16 months and in order to run the cafe I had to get three phase electric supply which NPower fitted and continue to supply.
  3. Hello I received a hand delivered letter today stating that British Gas are applying for a warrant to enter my premises. I have a cafe which is supplied by NPower however British Gas are stating that I owe them £16k. I have never received a bill when I spoke with them to say they had made a mistake they would not accept it. Can anyone please advise? is there any way to stop the warrant given that I don't owe them any money? Thanks.
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