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  1. Evening all my tribunal was postponed for a couple of months at the last minute. it is now due to be heard in a couple of weeks. Final bundle deadline was 3 months ago and I have complied all along. the respondent's solicitor emailed me with a non-negotiable offer which I rejected as it was an insult. The solicitor responded with a new bundle page and additional papers to be included without my agreement. Is this allowed, considering the bundle had to be finalised months ago and now he wants it double the amount of pages it should be. Do I have any right in not allowing it? I have been told that I have a very good case and should prepare a schedule of loss. please could I have some pointers. I was signed off with stress, line manager admitted in statements that she ceased contact on my first day off work contrary to what is written in their stress policy. 6 weeks later I raised a grievance due to the continued stress and harassment from the HRBP (I worked in same dept.) from the start the grievance policy as well as the stress policy were breached by the company. I have proved all this throughout my questions and preparation and with all their contradictions in their grievance meetings and witness statements (many contradictions in the same paragraph). the grievance took 8.5weeks from me raising to a final outcome and I left the company for constructive dismissal. I was still under the doctor for stress until a few months after leaving and also prescribed anti depressants due to it all. I would appropriate any advice
  2. Hi all My ET is a week Wednesday and I am currently drafting my questions to ask. Please could someone help to the best format these need to be in. The court timeline order states the judge will review before the hearing, do I write only the questions or the information leading to the question?? ex employers statements are extremely contradicted throughout and what they had said in the grievance investigation is different to their witness statement. Also my dad who is very confident in things like this, has provided a witness statement as he witnessed my health deteriorate first hand, but would he be able to represent me?? my nerves and anxiety are stated to play up as it is getting close. Many thanks in advance
  3. I have my ET date booked and respondant solicitor has sent me an email threatening my case will be dismissed and I will be liable for their barrister costs. I live in a council house and not worked since leaving my old role (company I have raised ET with), am I able to have a family member talk in court on my behalf at this late stage?
  4. Afternoon all I have prepared a non-compliance bundle from the respondents lack of cooperation for my ET next month. Am I able to get this to the judge for viewing before my case if heard or make it known to him at the beginning???? Thank you in advance
  5. Long story short I was signed off work with stress related problems. Within a few hours of sending this into work i recieved a phone call message from LM explaining our HRBP would be calling me that same day to discuss my return to work. Not once asking how I am. When I spoke to HRBP I explained my issues regarding my LM but all she was bothered about was getting me into work not the fact I had been bullied and victimised. Raised a grievance against them a month after being signed unfit for work with no phased return option which was ignored by the appropriate manager but passed back to the same office. Lots of harrassment and still nothing from the revelant manager, I resigned and started my claim for ET. They have been late supplying the information and documents stated in the court order timeline and even 6months late supplying the dsar request made. Their solicitor is of no use and ignores my emails but makes threats. The bundle they produced has a lot of emails missing which i have requested to be added and all their statements have contradictions. Am I able to address the court at the beginning to make them aware of the employers non compliance and do I have a good case?
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