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  1. Ok , thanks for letting me know. Maychick
  2. Hi All, Some people on this site have spoken highly about solicitors they have use. Is there a way we can contact them privately to get the details of their solicitors? Thanks
  3. Hello DX100uk Thanks for your quick response, I will look into everything you have advised me. Have a great weekend. Maychick
  4. Hi all I am hoping you can help with my situation . My relationship with Blemain Finance started in 2007 with an introduction by a broker where illegal secret commissions were paid and added to my debt where I have paid interest on them ever since. I was the perfect customer for the ruthless machine that is/was Blemain Finance. I had a poor credit rating but I owned 3 properties outright and my own home had reasonable equity. A few years later I had no property left after becoming bankrupt and getting divorced. I very fortunately clung on to the family home by the skin of my teeth despite several court appearances where Blemain insisted they should be allowed to take it. My current situation with Blemain finance is this: I currently have a Direct Debit in place for £350.64 which is taken from my account on the 11th of each month and has been for the last 11 years. This amount was the result of a court order obtained by Blemain when I was defending my house. My wife had gone to live in Jamaica with a new man who she met on holiday and I was left looking after 3 children and trying desperately to rebuild my business. I’m sure that it was only the presence of my children that saved our home. My desperation to borrow money led me to a broker who led me to Blemain finance. I wanted to borrow 30k. To get this I had sign an agreement for 34k to pay ‘administration charges’ so I signed. Since then I have paid over £50,000 to Blemain finance without reducing what I owe. In fact, I owe an awful lot more. If I want to pay off this loan to remove this charge from my property I currently have to pay £55,000 and this rises by a thousand pounds every year on my annual statement. I am a prisoner in this house. If I sell they will take whatever they like from the sale. I know this because I had more than one loan from Blemain and they took an outrageous amount from my house sale in London. I had borrowed 50k and paid over £500 a month for 3 years before having to sell the house. Blemain added £17,000 in administration charges when the house was sold and took over £69,000 from the sale. This loan had been arranged by the same dodgy broker and had been subjected to the same dubious admin charges which were added to my loan and then I was made to pay interest on the charges. Their particular favourite was to add my property to their insurance policy at a cost of £700+ which was reported to me in writing every year.
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