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  1. Hi it was forwarded to one email address that was set up for our group. We have the forwarded copy. They are asking for the email that was sent to me. Sadly I suspect they think I then edited their document before I forwarded it to the group email.
  2. I did. All gone. I have sent a request to Gmail to see if they can recover it for me.
  3. Hi Thank you for your reply. I have done that already and I have that copy but they are saying they want to see the original one that they sent to me directly. That’s the one I don’t have
  4. Hi, I booked a hotel package for next year for 20 guests. During December last year, I received the quote via an online chat, paid the deposit and then received the booking confirmation confirming what I had agreed on the online chat. I then forwarded the booking confirmation to a group email for all parties to see and subsequently deleted it from my own gmail account as I didn't think I would need it anymore as it was secure in the other email group. In January I then received a further copy from the hotel group and noticed that some of the activities we agreed initially, were no longer on the booking confirmation. When I queried this, I was told it was never agreed and that the booking confirmation I received was not from them and must have been edited externally (ie by me) to include those extras. They refer to phone confirmation that they recorded where they don't read out these extras. They have now asked to see the original email that was sent to my gmail box (which I no longer have). They are not prepared to investigate from the original copy that I forwarded to the group email. I have been to see this organisation to try and resolve this but they are adamant that the software they use would never have sent that booking confirmation to me. If they didn't then divine intervention must have because it is what was agreed on the online chat and confirmed once I paid the deposit. I'm now in a quandary about what to do next. I've paid quite a substantial amount of money to secure this booking but now they want us to pay additional money for the activities. I would imagine its practically impossible for anyone to edit their booking confirmation too. Could it be possible that it was sent by the organisation staff member and they realised the error and then deleted the activities and all traces of the email being sent?? Thats the only thought I can come up with.... Where do I stand in terms of tackling this with them too?
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