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  1. Cheers Dorytime, exactly the 100% clearcut advice I've been reading a hundred threads on here. Cheers fella.
  2. So where does that leave all of the threads here? If we respond to PAP's with your SB template are we risking very expensively testing a precedent in court?
  3. Why not SB tho? I thought SB was 6 years after last contact? Billy says Feb 2013, so by my remedial math that means it should've become statute barred March 2019? Same as me?
  4. No it's ok Honeybee, I'll watch thanks. I just hope there can finally be an answer to the SB deferment question. Ta.
  5. Hi BillyWilder, hope you don't mind me jumping into your thread here, but I was about to ask the almost exact same question so I'd be very interested to see what advice you get. There's lots of SLC threads here but none ever end in a satisfactory answer. (I don't need to start my own thread with this, as it's exactly the same question I'm asking as Billy). But to briefly expand for info - I've been chased by Erudio on a 3 mortgage-style pre'98 loans since the start of this year. I sent SLC a SAR and a Moses-style stone tablet of 26years info wapped onto my doormat. Reading through it all, it seems the last contact I had with SLC was when I tried to defer in Feb 2014 and they said no, because it's now owned by Erudio. I left it at that. So, DOES the Statute Barred date calculate from my last official acceptance for deferment from SLC (IE/ around March 2013) or my last telephone request for deferment, denied by SLC, Feb 2014; or did my writing to Erudio saying I think the debt to be SB in March this year reset the clock anyway? It seems impossible to get a definitive answer around these here parts!!! (edited to say: I've been below the threshold for repayment since 2007, thus always deferred, but stopped all contact around Feb 2013, save for the request denied in Feb 2014 for new deferment forms).
  6. Ok cheers I'll wait for their input... (It's not an urgent problem, but I'd like to be backed up with some links to legislation when I finally make my endgame move, hopefully someone here can illuminate).
  7. Apparently "reasonable adjustments" to being a useless pr*ck is now a legal requirement! Don't get me wrong - if someone is disabled and brilliant at their job then I'd be more than happy to move heaven and earth to accommodate their needs. I'm not not talking about disabled here. I'm talking about an absolute grade A a*ss who unfortunately is very confident in their newly found 'protected characteristics' as if it's a shield against any future criticism! It really sticks in my craw! However, I think it may need proper legal advice rather than an opinion website. Cheers anyway.
  8. King - Unfortunately I own the company! (Although the idea of passing someone a bucket does appeal to me!
  9. Hello again Honeybee, I've had a quick read of the ACAS website and it doesn't really answer my question. Best I can work out on a quick reading is that if I have two employees who are massive pains in the a*** and failing in their roles - Employee 1, is BAME & "Neurodivergent" female then it could be a problem to fire her; But if employee 2 is white middle-aged man then it's quite simple. Is that about the size of it? You can be cr*p at your job, but I can't let you go if you are 'neuro-divergent'? (Has being an a**hole been medicalized yet? Is it a protected characteristic yet?! LOL) Back to my original question please - does anyone know if there is a two letter warning system that has to be followed, or whether 'gross misconduct' is a fluid term dependent on how the owner of the business decides? I can't find this answer on the ACAS site. Ta.
  10. Hi Honeybee, thanks, no I've not checked. I have a look now. Cheers.
  11. "Combat Stress UK" is a fantastic organisation that can certainly help signpost you to support services available for ex-serviceman struggling with 'civvy street'. I have a good friend who has CPTSD, and they gave him a service dog which has made a massive difference to his daily struggles. He is a landlord, and his CPTSD has been exacerbated massively by his tenants not paying rent! As harsh as it may sound, just because a person has a mental illness doesn't give them a 'get outta jail free' card to avoid paying rent. Housing Benefit is there for just this eventuality. Entitledto.co.uk is a good benefit calculator to make sure you are getting everything available whilst you look for work.
  12. Hi, Is there a generic procedure that has to be followed if a business wants to fire an employee who's been working there for over 5 years with a hitherto perfect attendance record and no disciplinaries or written warnings on file? Can anyone explain to me what "Gross Misconduct" means, and if there is a legally recognized bar for which it is met across UK businesses, or whether the term is subjective as the owner of the business sees fit? I'm trying not to personalize this too much, so would appreciate any advice in a general sense. Is there legislation that states there must be, for example, a verbal warning first, followed by 2 written warnings, then 'boom!' sack time. Or can a boss just fire you because she doesn't like your face - (providing of course that 'face' doesn't look pregnant, black, gay, transgender, etc, or any other protected characteristic - just a regular 'unprotected' straight white middle-aged male!) Legislation on workplace FACT, rather than 'feeling'/opinions welcome please. Ta.
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