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  1. Hi dx100uk - I'm very sorry, but I've emailed them and they've not replied. Can you kindly advise of a timescale? Thanks.
  2. Emmzzi - I totally understand both sides mate and regarding the pay.... they are not expecting full wages, if the hours were reduced, then so will the wages, which they are willing to accept.
  3. No worries. It's okay. Not 100% sure, but I think under the equality act, employers cannot ask if a person has a disability as it would be discrimination. But due to their physical characteristics they could see for themselves. But no questions about their health issues were raised. Here's what acas website states: The two types of discrimination specific to disability When it comes to job interviews and the recruitment process, an employer must take particular care regarding job applicants' health and any disability. This is to prevent emp
  4. Ericsbrother - The old position is not available anymore. Manxman - I'm very surprised that you're using words such as being lumbered. Would you say the same if someone was in a wheelchair? Firstly family member has a disability/protected characteristics, hence under the law has equality rights and secondly the new manager was informed in advance of the conditions well before the start date. Thirdly if the manager finds he's been (in your words) lumbered, then surely he's discriminating and if can't handle it, then that's his problem?
  5. Thanks dx100uk. I just want to delete them as I've given away too much personal information. If Google picks it up, then I'm willing to accept that as my responsibility. I'll email them now.
  6. Hi dx100uk. I appreciate what you're saying, but if they can't be deleted, then surely I should still be able to edit them?
  7. Hi guys, I wanted to pm a mod, but unfortunately I've got to have at least 11 posts. So therefore I've decided to post here instead. I want to delete my account and any threads created. Could you please kindly do this for me? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Emmzzi. I will speak to them and see what they think. I appreciate your time in helping us.
  9. Hi Emmzzi, Unfortunately the old position is not available anymore. Regarding the F/T position - The job ad stated that although the position was F/T, there maybe a chance of P/T if that's what the applicant wanted. However, they didn't intend to go P/T, hence they didn't to ask the vacancy holder. Also the report has clearly stated recommendation of less hours and other adjustments. Having said this, it's not simply about reduced hours, but it's about the whole situation, i.e. the problems with management not allowing for a fair chance of discussions and her manag
  10. Hi king12345. I think it's a very fair question and one that I asked only recently. The answer to that is a resounding yes, if reasonable adjustments were in place. The proof is clearly in the previous job role, that once they got the RA, did exceptionally well in her role and exceeded many colleagues too. To be honest, they applied for the job out of their choice and not because someone had recommended or pushed her towards.
  11. Hi everyone.Thanks very for a great forum with so much wealth of information. I'm hoping someone could give me some advice on current on-going issues a family member is having with an employer and getting extremely stressed with the situation. They are currently so stressed out, that I've had to write this on their behalf and with their permission.I'll give you a bit of background, but will try to keep it as brief as possible, but there has been a lot going on, so please bear with me.Health Has multiple mental and physical health problems - deafness, depression, stress, anxiety, low co
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