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  1. We deal in property and not being able to get Mortgages can be restrictive.
  2. I’m aware that a deed pole name change does not hide the past debt in current name, I’m aware however as to how it can be used to create a new clean credit file under the new name. Have already done this with wife’s name and she is getting credit again (some of above debts in join names). Think we are getting off the track of the original questions posed thought. Would appreciate it if anyone knows the answers. Regards
  3. Re contaminating address... I think if I don’t link it to my old one that I could re-emerge here with a deed poll name change and new credit file. I don’t want to loose the option of doing this. Re above... is it better that I have been or is it better to have moved or what’s the logic to the question? Thanks
  4. @dx100uk and @unclebulgaria67 I have moved address since taking the debts out yes. However I’ve kept everything going to the old address (which I still own) and have a redirection on the post. Thought it was better to hid in plain sight to stop them from coming looking for me. Also didn’t want to contaminate the new address. Can I ask why so relevant? Many Thanks.
  5. Hi All, I hope I'm posting in the right place. I have about £40k in unpaid debts (cards, loans etc). They are pretty much all over £5k and nearing the 6 year since default time frame... The first is into the final 12 months now... Capquest... £11k, they own the debt. Ive been expecting collection efforts to step up as the SB line approaches with them all. The situation is that I could pay these but call me morally bankrupt... Id rather eat you know what at this stage. If any of the so called creditors look into me they'll see that I'm worth chasing. Having nearly got to the 6 year since default period I won't allow a judgement to show for another 6 years. How likely are they to try and get one? With debts over £5k is small claims not an option for them and will it cost them more to take this to court? My question is this....... They are offering obviously settlements for less. Capquest 40% of £11K... Id hate to ignore all this and end up having to pay the full amount as they take it to court.... How likely are they to do this? If they do will they still take a settlement when proceedings have commenced? (Hence nothing to lose by waiting). Companies in question are: Intrum Uk Ltd Cabot Credit Management Group Ltd Aarrow Global Ltd I just notice as I type that Capquest are not noted on my credit file and must be part of Arrow Global.... They have also made subtle threat on their latest letter with the wording "Our additional enquiries have indicated that you are a homeowner at the above address." Most of the defaults were around 2014 for agreements taken out 2008 -20012. Original creditors... Halifax, Tesco, Virgin Money. In Northern Ireland so PAP doesn't apply I think. Any advice appreciated. Regards Diedebtsdie
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