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  1. Further to bullying & abuse on my posts and 2 posts being locked, please Kindly CANCEL my account and remove ALL of my posts - Which I do not give you consent to publish. Please also forward FULL copies of ALL posts and comments relating to my account, including those comments which have been deleted. I expect to be sent to my email address you have on my account in form of a PDF. Please ensure no posts / files / comments / records are missing. Yours Cadbury10
  2. Is that a threat ? Dont worry, I won't bother any more
  3. But it's ok for "Bazza" to speak to me in such manner is it?... Who has already had one of my posts "locked"... Nobody seems to do anything about this... I am printing all of his comments and will be forwarding to Police and clicking "ignore user" also...Not really clear though if they can still stalk & post comments on my content without me seeing?... Seriously not wanting to interact on here at all after this... Not happy
  4. Is there a block button on here ? Can somebody please stop this person Bazza from stalking me & my posts ?
  5. Bazza, I think you're the one with lack of insight .
  6. I was aware of the harm caused to me and family by the Police at the time (around 9 years old)... Was too traumatised, shocked, distressed, young, frightened & intimidated to ever do anything about it before now... It has kind of been blocked out as severe trauma and was also severely traumatic for my family and none of us can even speak about it very easily.. It was not very nice Does that satisfy your question?
  7. HB - Not sure to be honest... probably around 1987-88 and yes, was sent to Jimmy Saville at BBC...
  8. I cant afford legal advice .... Better do do on my own and with any help from CAG
  9. Totally off subject here... but that reminds me... I also wrote to Jimmy Saville as a child, including a photograph of me as required from his televised competition.... I feel violated and wonder where my photograph has been shared... Can I claim any compensation from his estate for coercing me to send him a photograph of me as a child ?....
  10. Why were the victims of Jimmy Saville (for example) not statute barred with their claims ?
  11. I don't see the statute bar as being a problem
  12. Seeking HUGE compensation... Have only felt able to look into this now... and still find it difficult to speak about... I have a feeling I might be more successful obtaining more detailed records through a SAR initially, rather than jump straight in with a claim.... Just need a bit of step-by-step guidance to where the records of this specific case would be held, as would be greatly helpful for any claim I may have
  13. Could somebody please tell me exactly where I can write to for these files
  14. I would like to make a claim against the Police for damages caused for that case (and other involvement with them since), on behalf of myself and also my family... I am doubtful those records / file have been destroyed... So would just like to know exactly where the Police file in particular would be held, so that I can write to the relevant department
  15. but all of the above case mentioned relates to data held on me, so surely I have rights to the entire records ?
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