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  1. Of course I need the support - I wouldn't be here otherwise! So do you think at the same time as waiting for eviction notice / sending N244 that it would be worth one final effort to write a letter of my offer to Britannia and include the budget sheet, in the hope that they cancel their action? If so I would really appreciate some help with wording for a letter.
  2. Others have had their evictions cancelled at this stage from posts I've read. You said "What for ????? it's not going to make any difference now! For goodness sake just wait for the eviction notice and post your N244 pack as it is." This is my home at risk here and I don't think being told off for asking any perfectly reasonable question is going to make me stress any less. I don't think I was making any complaint about the support I've had and have repeatedly expressed my gratitude... Am pretty shocked at some of the remarks though.... which I don't really want to repeat... Again, just don't want to lose my home don't think any of my questions have been repeated or unreasonable. To be frank, If it wouldn't do any harm, I'd rather try to do something in the meantime of waiting for the eviction notice to arrive, as I would obviously prefer to not have to go to court at all if theres any possible chance of getting them to consider cancelling their action .
  3. Thanks for answering the questions What for? In the hope they might cancel the eviction perhaps? And Yes. It is VERY stressful - Being berated for asking any question or needing support is not really helpful. I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer then and have more sleepless nights worrying if I'll actually be given enough time to try to defend. I live in hope
  4. These questions Not sure what I'm supposed to have done wrong this time .
  5. Sorry? If you could maybe answer the questions in earlier post that might be helpful
  6. Thank you for the quick replies. Couldn't see it at all earlier but now see has been merged. If Ell-enn or anybody else could advise on earlier post, would very much appreciate.
  7. I have everything ready to send to the court - Thank you again for your help. Still no eviction notice received. I did receive a letter today addressed to one of my neighbours, so am a bit worried that the eviction notice could have been delivered to wrong address. It was applied for on 3rd June - Should I have received eviction date by now? Will this be hand delivered or through the post and should I also receive confirmation from Britannias' solicitor?
  8. Ok thank you. In the letter I sent to lender, being included with N244 pack, should I also include copy of the postal receipt & their signature, or is that not necessary?
  9. Ok, Thank you. Will I need to attach copy of the eviction warrant with N244?
  10. Thank you so much - I will get everything organised and ready to send. Still haven't received an eviction notice - Should I wait for that before sending so that the fee is lower and will I need to attach copy of eviction warrant to N244? From what the court said in emails, I think if I send the N244 before receiving eviction date, the fee will be higher - Do you know if that's correct? Will the claim number to put on statement be the same as claim number on possession order, or will the eviction warrant have a different claim number?
  11. Hi Ell-enn, Not sure if you realise you haven't attached anything. From what I understand the court will not phone for payment until N244 received.
  12. Have had 6 calls and a text from these today and sometimes is 10-20 calls a day. Not sure if I should just ignore any further contact or file a formal complaint? They are being very difficult to communicate with. Any advice on how to go forward with this to prevent them going forward with court action would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
  13. Thank you so much for the support and reassurance - I really do appreciate. My nan has been rushed to hospital with suspected heart failure and my dad also in hospital with heart problems following lung cancer & chemo... Will be back online as soon as I can.
  14. I'm just really confused. I thought you had said that judge would only consider allowing me time to sell property if normal payments + something towards arrears were offered going forward. I will be returning to work on 17th August. My repayment date is 30th of every month, so could we also add to the 4th paragraph of statement the 30th August to resume proposed payments? I'm just really worried from what you have said previously that my chances of success will be worse without specifying this date in the statement. Can the judge then consider making an order from that date? Considering there is only a 10 min window, I thought it would be better to set out this date / proposal in the statement.... Just thought that is what you had stated before.... sorry if I have misunderstood, but just want the best possible outcome. All of the posts I have read I have not been able to see any budget sheets, so thought they were private?
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