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  1. I post of a cca request with PO on monday and see what happens then. I was going to offer a part settlement to close quick due to the lack of paper work my end as everything been skipped relating to 2008 and unemployment period. Their first letter offered a solution of a part settlement or payments form global arrow/shoosmiths. Sorry for going a bit but the speed at their operating at 3 letters in 21days out of the blue. After hearing nothing for years.
  2. No nevver contacted or requested anything for years still trying to find my last payment statement 4 - 6 years back as i thought it was barred but still unsure.Its no longer present on any credit file.I ve printed a CCA do i think i should sent it.
  3. Does PAP apply in northern ireland also or do they differ?
  4. No i have not changed address in 20 plus years. The letters however threw me as out of the blue and i was worried about court action messing up my credit file again. I dont see letter of/before claim but i do see we will issue court proceeding for the full sum in seven days!. I do think thought the debt isnt barred 6 months left maybe ,trying to track it down as most paper work is scraped.
  5. Hi there , Received a letter from gobal arrow 2nd of may stating they handed my debt to shoosmiths solicitors for collection. The account was opened 2005 with mbna and defaulted i think 2008 when made unemployed Balance £2200. I paid a few token payments for a while to various DCAs but then stopped 2012/13 trying to track for sure with bank . They sent a second letter 22may with 7 day countdown saying they're going legal if arrangement not made. If checked my credit file and there is no defaults present or dates so its dropped off but i don t know when. My credit file has been excellent for the last 5 years with every payment to date now afraid of a reset. Any advice as i am unsure how to approach this . Thanks
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