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  1. I’ve had the same... got one today with the fine from Italy attached and it showing a pic of the hire car going through first letter I’ve got where they’ve even mentioned the date of occurrence saying they have passed to legal team .. I will continue to ignore but I am assuming they can’t actually action a U.K. COurt proceeding?
  2. Hey they sent a couple more letters today’s one being they have sent over to legal team theyve also attached a copy of the vehicle and the speeding offence this dates back all the way to 2014 and were cleared off ages ago but just wanted to check if any of this changes if the speeding fine was issued against a hire car that we hired there thanks
  3. Ahh thank you I have sent one back because I was given advice to do so but I do have a picture of the letter that I sent back anyway. They can’t do a CCJ based on one being sent back? I’m just scared to get anything on my credit file as I am planning to apply for mortgage next year so I really want nothing to affect it! I will file the rest away thanks for your help just to clarify if someone does come to my door I can ask them to leave ? And I should get my parents to do the same?
  4. Thank you! Is it worth returning to sender? As the letters are a little unsettling and does worry my parents more than anything I also read somewhere I could write to company and say stop contacting me otherwise I can report to trading standards .. do you advise against this? also can this affect my U.K. credit score in anyway?
  5. Hi was wondering if anyone could help. Received some quite crazy letters from ‘CLI International Debt Collectors’ about some apparent outstanding debts (speeding fines) from Italy. I was under the impression these were cleared off and have never heard from the Italian motor people for over 4 years now and then randomly got these through the post. There have been 4 letters - 3 saying what the debt is (no dates or ticket refs though) then one about how they will now be sending doorstep collectors unless contact within 7 days is made. Now I have been ignoring I’ve seen some forum posts about this company but dating back to 2017 I was wondering if the same sort of rights applied and I can keep ignoring or is this something I should be worrying about?
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