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  1. OK thank you. Yes, Drydens headed paper
  2. I guess so, it was about 10 pages of forms to fill out to set up a payment. I'm not sure what type of credit it is, as he's never had an account. Their letter doesn't state what type of credit/ account type the debt is for.
  3. Hello, My partner has had a letter from Drydensfairfax saying he owes x amount, from arrow debt collections, from HSBC. I read through this old thread from 2013 (link attached) as that lady seemed to have the same problem as us. My partner has never had a HSBC account and he is on experia, and nothing showed (just his 3 accounts that we already know about). I wrote the statue barred letter as that thread suggested & sent of recorded delivery, they signed for it 4 days later. Drydens have basically ignored my letter and sent another a week later saying I owe £xx from HSBC account opened in 1991 (!!!) No actual proof of him owning this alleged account. My partner is adamant he has never opened an HSBC account. Even so he has had no statements or any other correspondence from HSBC in the past 10 years I've known him. Also enclosed in this second letter was forms to fill out for a budget to see how much we can pay them. (!) What do I write back now? I just need them to leave us alone. Thank you
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