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  1. Dear all I can confirm they are now asking for a lower fee of 12 pounds. Probably because people will be less motivated to fight it and they will collect more money. I will be leaving Scotland within a month so I have decided to pay. In the attached file you can see a screenshot of the email from them.
  2. Hello guys As many others, I am in a situation where I missed my monthly payment and Harlands want me to pay admin fee of 12 pounds. I know its not much but I dont want to pay that. I have read multiple topics here with the same problem I know the way now is to cancel DD and to send the letter offering to pay 1 month and nothing else, 14 days to respond, otherwise I shall not pay anything. My question is: If Harlands claim to its admin fees is in fact illegal or at least not enforceable - why bother sending the letter at all? Why dont I just cancel my DD and send an email saying Im happy to pay one month fee but thats it. If they answer to that email and they will - isnt that sufficient proof that they have received my email and I had a good will to pay my monthly fee? Also, are you 100% sure that if I follow the instructions with the letter, there is no chance they can ever cause me any kind of trouble except for the threats of course? Thank you very much for your insights and answers.
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