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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5339883/British-family-poisoned-ski-resort-French-Alps.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU4ZNA7-JME In January I stayed in Skiworld's premier catered chalet in Les Deux Alpes (Chamois Volante), which is a horror show. We're talking roof leaking snowmelt on to live electrical sockets and our fresh vegetables that the alcoholic hosts cooked for us whenever they got in from the pub. The hot tub stank like a sewer because they couldn't easily empty it, so they didn't bother. The food and service was rubbish - their staff kept quiting (wonder why). Beware Skiworld as their customer service was appalling even in response to a joint (more than half the chalet) complaint. Most of the time they are fine, but it's when things go wrong that a company shows its true colours and Skiworld simply didn't care about the health, safety and enjoyment of their customers. After 28days we went to ABTA, who, after 35days told us they didn't care either - simply saying that Skiworld weren't shifting in their view on the subject, so we could use the small claims court or their badly reviewed, fee paying 'independent' arbitrator. ABTA are a chocolate teapot - looks nice, but try using using it. Nobody cares and Skiworld know it so they get away with providing extremely dangerous chalets to people. We had numerous cases of food poisoning in our chalet including a gluten intolerant person who was knowingly given gluten which she reacted to, despite paying a premium for the gluten free option, which was woefully inadequate. If the French system of reporting these matters wasn't so hard I would have their health and safety people on to it, but they are impossible to navigate.
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