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  1. Yeah I gave each lender the number of concurrent loans, loans taken in 30 days prior and loans taken in 90 days prior. All the ones that haven't lent to me before are coming back to say that a recent response by the FoS has told them that they can rely on borrower disclosures on income and expenditure on the early loan cycles. Does anyone know anything about this? I lied on some applications. The other defence I'm seeing is that Transunion credit reports (lenders version) does not schedule individual loans and contractual payments and so they had no way t
  2. Great thanks dx, good advice. I have had a few letters back so I will try to post later this evening. The one from Cash4UNow was a disgrace. My favourite part is 'Your complaint makes reference to your circumstances in October 2017; this is not relevant as this was 19 months prior to your loan being funded in May 2019, you may have experienced some personal and financial issues and we are sympathetic to the personal circumstances that you may have been facing at the time, however 19 months is ample time for your personal and financial circumstances to improve.
  3. Hi Guys So a number of weeks ago I began the process of opening IRL claims on 35 payday loans. 15 of the loans are ongoing, with monthly credit commitments standing at around £2k per month. I have so far written and sent letters of complaint on these 15 loans (to 10 different companies). I have outline drafts for the other 20, although the structure is largely the same. I have run out of momentum in a big way but having had a short break with my young family I am getting back on the case. I have begun to receive replies from the C
  4. End date for claiming? Are we talking a claim for irresponsible lending? I thought that was ongoing.
  5. @fkofilee thanks so much for that advice. I contacted Joe Garner on Sunday last week and got a response from senior resolution the next morning. Still not heard anything since but tbh I've been so busy and pretty comfortable that, if they cock it up from here, they have impinged on my rights for the third time and I have a case against them now. You know what, I didn't get a single message from PayPal telling me what they were going to take and when. An email with each transaction, which didn't even distinguish between Visa and DD, but nothing to say oh BTW were taking
  6. Oh mate they are getting both barrels, whether they help me or not I have them bang to rights on irresponsible lending. My closed loans report on Noddle (now Credit Karma) is 40 pages long. I can link mental health issues to my debt. I took loans to pay loans. They are all getting it. All that being said I still need to get through the months and I'll be unable to stay afloat for another month, never mind 2, 3 etc. I refuse to take any more financial aid from my parents or my wife, because it's all my own doing, so I need a month or two to get on my feet. If they mess around I'll
  7. I got a PDL with Lending Stream a month or two back. Their decision took 10 seconds and I'd been rejected by every shark under the sun that day. No underwriters, no check on my monthly debt service payments which were understated by at least a grand. Couldn't afford the loan then, couldn't afford the next three that I took out with other lenders either I'm looking forward to calling them tomorrow and negotiating a repayment holiday
  8. Good advice thanks very much. Are there any guidelines on how long they should take to send said transcript? I was quoted 28 days on an information request today... I have just sent two secure messages to NW. The first was to state that they did not follow my instructions from this morning when I cancelled the DD authority held with PayPal, as they allowed PP to reinstate this mere hours later. I gave them formal notice that PP have no authority to take DDs from my account and so I will seek reimbursement from NW should they allow any in the future. The se
  9. Thanks dx that's a good plan. Will speak to the manager tomorrow and report back. I do wonder what would have happened if I hadn't called and they made those claims against visa transactions. Farcical situation!
  10. Wow so just spoke to Nationwide. You'll like this one. Stated that I was calling due to concerns over previous conversations that day and to check the status of my claim. Was on and off hold a lot and the rep was very cagey, speaking to manager etc. She tells me that there are two DDI claims on my account, for dates and amounts that are completely different to what I asked for. I asked her to read the notes from my previous calls. She goes on hold again and comes back to day she will send me all notes, correspondence etc. from my calls. I ask for it via e
  11. Thank you MrTRC, fantastic post and some great advice there. I've heard a lot of stories the past few weeks from GA members. Your story and theirs give me hope that there is a bright future ahead. I stumbled across the 'billing arrangents' page on PP last night (log into website: settings - payments - billing arrangements) Cancelled them all, even Google but I'll sort out an alternative finding source with them directly. My wife and I have worked on a budget and a plan to pay down all our debts. I do financial modeling for work, so I do the t
  12. I will be closing my NW account too, no matter the outcome. More out of necessity as I need to relinquish all control of money while I go through recovery. My salary, all bills and all debt repayments will be going through my wife's Santander account and we will look for a solution so that I can access small amounts of cash. Digital services seems the way to go and that's the second recommendation of Monzo after fkofilee posted this morning. Will definitely look into Monzo and Revolut with my wife and see if they can give me the boundaries I need. No matter the outcom
  13. Guys this is great thank you so much. I have been reading up on direct debit guarantees and indemnities. I want to call NW back today and challenge a few of the things I have been told. I wanted to check a few things first of I could? Sorry if this is basic but I am trying to get my head around my rights and there's so much misinformation around! 1) the DD mandate states If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by the organisation or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount p
  14. Thanks for the reply. So all of the additional payments were taken by DD. I've cancelled the DD and instructed the bank not to allow any further payments. Fraud team initially said that PayPal reject any DD indemnity claims so they wouldn't process one until I spoke to PayPal. I called back after brushing up on DD indemnities and said that there is no obligation for me to contact PayPal, that I did not authorise DD charges and that I wanted the money back in my account. Apparently due to the number of transactions it may take ten days even th
  15. Can anyone help me. I am stuffed. PayPal allowed me to deposit £4.4k into a gambling website when I had no cash in my bank. It was the final straw and so I came clean with the wife and joined GA. I didn't even think to search on the internet, despite how wrong Paypal's actions seemed to me. This was a few weeks ago and I suffer with depression and anxiety, so all of this just crushed me. I wake up every day and literally beat myself up. After a lot of intervention and love I am able to lift my head out of the sand an
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