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  1. SWIM has received two letters from debt recovery plus. One asking for £160 by a certain date. When this wasn’t paid they sent a second stating that they had advised PPS to take them to court but PPS have decided to extend the deadline to pay by 14 days. DRP are saying if it isn’t paid by then they will advise court action. I assume this is all standard practice for them. Do you think SWIM should write to them stating they are more than happy to fight this in court or continue to ignore? SWIM has only corresponded with them once.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Time will tell what course of action they decide to take. They have CCTV pointing at the machines so footage from the day would show SWIM paying for their parking. Also as you say their records would show parking was paid for. What is to stop them telling the court they don't have those records? Presumably if they did that then it would discredit their whole case?
  3. Would they have to supply the data from their payment machines to the court? If so they would be stuffed as SWIM and co were the only people in the car park at that time and would of been the only person to use the machine. Therefore any payments in that machine would relate to SWIMs car.
  4. I read through that today. It’s interesting, but can SWIM use the planning permission as a defence? Also florence’s case is quite different. They have since put signage up relating to number plates as far as I am aware. Also she had her ticket as proof of payment. As I said before SWIM dose not as it was thrown away.
  5. Yes I have seen other posts on here relating to them. I know that they do take people to court even when it seems they know they will lose. My question would be without a ticket what proof dose SWIM have and what case can SWIM make to defend themselves. Presumably the Courts in Devon must be tired of having to deal with PPS cases?
  6. Company is Premier Parking Solutions Crossway Centre Paignton SWIM deff entered reg correctly but the machines and car park as a whole are in a seriously bad state.
  7. please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 09/02/19 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 15/02/19 3 Date received 17/02/19 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? There are photos of the car entering and leaving the carpark 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up SWIM wrote a letter to the PPC explaining the situation and stated that SWIM would not enter into any further correspondence with the company. The PPC replied with a picture of their signage all of which SWIM followed. It is clear from the parking companies response that they did not properly read SWIMs letter and simply replied with a template. 7 Who is the parking company? SWIM dosen't want to say at this stage incase they are reading the forums as currently the PPC are unaware that SWIM has lost their ticket. 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Same as above. But the car park is all but derelict. SWIM and their passengers were the only people to be in the car park at the time. It is filthy filled with needles and other unsavory litter. For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. theIAS There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here A letter replying to SWIMs letter. A letter dated 11/05/19 from a debt collection agency asking for payment and stating that if it is not received by 25/05/19 they will advise their client take court action. SWIM has not replied to either as SWIM said in their initial letter that SWIM would not enter into any further correspondence with the PPC
  8. Hi, Someone who isn't me (SWIM) bought a parking ticket for a car park whilst on holiday paid the correct fee input their car reg went to the shops and then left in their vehicle within the required timeframe. The car park operates ANPR a few weeks later SWIM received a PCN despite having followed all the rules of the car park. The parking company is saying that they have no record of a payment for SWIMs car. SWIM wrote to the parking company explaining that they paid and followed all the rules of the car park however the parking company replied with a standard template letter and are now adding more to their PCN and threatening court action. Unfortunately before receiving the PCN SWIMs partner threw the parking ticket away as part of cleaning out the car after the holiday. The parking company has pictures of SWIMs car entering and leaving the car park but is saying that no number plate was entered into their machine. This is not correct the number plate was definitely inputted and the fee paid in cash. The car park is in a shocking state of disrepair and there have been several cases of the company issuing PCNs due to their own faulty equipment. The parking company have taken people to court before and lost. However, the defendants in those cases had their tickets as proof of payment. If SWIM is taken to court their argument would be that the private parking company's (PPC) equipment must have been faulty and that the only evidence the PPC has is the car driving into and out of the carpark. They have no real evidence of no payment. In fact CCTV footage would show a payment has been made, furthermore there were no other cars in the nearly derelict car park so if a payment was registered on the machine but not a number plate that would have to be SWIMs. Dose SWIM no longer having a ticket ruin their chance of winning if this ends up in court? SWIM is prepared to take it to court if needed. Are there any similar cases of people winning in court despite no longer having their parking ticket?
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