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  1. @dx100uk Thank you for the suggestion, so the lady at the court told me that since it's a minor conviction, it won't show under the basic DBS check and usually shown under the enhanced one. She has confirmed it is on my record and I will need to tick if I was asked @BazzaS Thank you, I was confirmed from the lady at court as well. But I just want to reconfirm, I will need to declare it for any visa purposes; but if it's for jobs that doesn't require to (say 1 year from my court date), I won't need to declare it if I'm correct?
  2. Hi guys, so I'm back. Just an update for everyone, so I was at the court and pay my fine (a heaping £800). I didn't have the chance to talk with my prosecutor on the day, I managed to apologise myself on the day so I think that was alright, paid my fine on the day and got a letter confirming that I have paid the fine as well. However, weird thing, I didn't hear the court saying anything about enter in my record at the end of the hearing. And also today I was doing my DBS check and no record showing that I have anything up there, so my record was clear. Do you know if this is a dela
  3. yes, I'm waiting for the letter from the court then I will declare it to the Home office right away and yes, I understand that i still have to declare under the UK visa application even though it's spent
  4. Hey guys, I'm here. I've done my court hearing, pay a fine and still wait for the letter from the court, I'm getting a conviction but should be spent in 1 year. They didn't really specify on the day so I'm not too sure
  5. So I'll change that to I have been trying to reach TfL to find my chances to repay my unpaid fare and administration cost, I hope you can please consider my plea
  6. So I will plead guilty and attend court. When they ask me if I have any further thing to say, I'm planning to write it down, bring it with me so that I don't get freak out. Could you help me review it? Dear your Honor and the TfL team, My name is [...]. I have been studying in the UK for nearly 9 years, currently holding a Tier 4 Student Visa. I am attending the court today for fare evasion charges that I have committed and feel ashamed for what I did. What I did was not appropriate and has caused trouble for TfL and the public pur
  7. So I should bring £500 in cash just in case right? Also, in my apologies letter at the court,can I also tell them to reconsider my sentence to conditional discharge? or is that too much and just going to trigger them more?
  8. So my court hearing is tomorrow, my total pay is estimated to be around £500. What would you recommend for me to bring in case my prosecutor decides to settle for me before court?
  9. nothing major, just because i registered my contactless card at my previous address and forgot to change it when i moved to the new place. not sure if I should send them statement with my current address to avoid confusion
  10. Hey guys, me again, so i've sent them statements of travelling proving that I'm not repeating my crime but with my previous address instead, is it ok?
  11. Yes I did add into my email my record of travelling after the incident along with offering them to find out about the guy making the card as well! Thank you for the suggestion, I will do anything to avoid the conviction!
  12. Yes I've returned the court form, I haven't copy my statement from the back of the court form (are you mentioning about the TICs)?
  13. yes, so i manage to get a number for IAP through the customer service line. It's very busy so I'm trying to call them until I get a response. I'm so bad at writing email so I hope that I can get through them by talking. And yes, I know my prosecutor, I found his LinkedIn as well but I don't think it's a good idea to contact through that
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