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  1. Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate it, I won't keep my hopes up but will consider that if I'm lucky enough that'll be my chance. I will keep you guys up to date!
  2. Hey Dx, could you help me elaborate by what you meant by my letter has already worked?
  3. Yeah I know they have but just find it's weird as my case is pretty much the same with other people so I was wondering if it's worth giving it another shot in negotiating with them
  4. Hi guys, at the moment I have yet to receive anything for court summon. With all the people I know (who even got caught after me, have already received the letter). Is it common? Should I email them again? I found another regulation about my university that if I found to have criminal charge, they might reconsider my study with the uni (meaning I can still continue the course), do you still it's still valid to present to my prosecutor to come up with an Ooc settlement?
  5. @honeybee13 Thank you for your prompt response. Yes I aware that I should communicate with my prosecutor. I have attached here his response to my solicitor: Regarding his reply, do you think there might be another chance for me to continue to communicate with him? I will do anything that I could so that at least I won't waste the public fund for my case; I know it sounds cheesy but that's the least I can do now
  6. Hi guys, I got caught using a counterfeit 16+ Oyster by an inspector in February. I tried to explain as much as I can honestly to the inspector about who I got it from and how I got it (pretty much the same as the guys here). As expected, I got the first letter, I replied to explain it; after a few days, I got nervous and looked for a solicitor to represent me (which actually did nothing as you can see from the title, money was not too well spent). Today TfL replied to my solicitors that they still decide to go ahead with my prosecution, however, I'm not sure when. This is my first offense ever and indeed I regret doing it but I won't deny that I didn't do it. I tried to do as much as research as I can before getting the court summons and hope maybe they can understand my situation, in case you want to know a bit more about me so that I can seek for some advice. - I've been in the UK since I was 15 (I'm 24 now) with no relatives in the country, being an international student is expensive. - I'm currently doing a Ph.D., feeling helpless for not being able to help with my family, I decided last September 2018 to get the oyster; which I aware that it's not right but didn't expect it to be blown out this much. - I don't have a criminal mind (I don't think this worth mentioning since I did what I did). - My grandpa was ill, he passed away last March we spent lots of money on him and his funeral as well. - I felt stressed and also due to my visa I cannot work full time to provide for myself, therefore I was thinking of other ways to save. - The prosecutor found evidence of me getting the benefit of free bus and discount tube for £100 with 76 uses. I think that's pretty much it but here are my questions: - Do you know when I will expect my court summons as it has been more than 3 months? - Will this criminal record affect my visa status? I'm currently on a Tier 4, I can ask a solicitor about this but again it's too expensive - What is the best possible way for me to communicate with the Court? - At the moment, I'm assuming for the worst scenario possible that I will pay my fine and getting a criminal record, is there other punishment that I can negotiate with the Magistrate Court so that I can avoid this into my record? - I also did a bit of research as well but I could not find the 2 cases where the conviction was not recorded, could someone with the knowledge help me link to those cases? That should be all of my questions, thank you so much for your reading!
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