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  1. OK thanks, I have just found that I did refer to the Ombudsman in July 2017 (the Barclays letter was May 2017) and have a reference number but have nothing else from them after that?
  2. Yes I have the letter from Barclays dismissing my claim. When I sent the complaint form to the Ombudsman I was out of the 6 month time frame as stated in the Barclays letter which is probably why I did not receive anything from them.
  3. They told me in 2017 that I because it was over 6 years since the account was taken out (it was in 1996) and over 3 years after I changed the account (2004) that I could not claim. I did refer it to the Financial Ombudsman but did not get any response. When I did get the claim upheld it states it was for PPI on an overdraft dated March 1998 to July 2004 which is obviously within the timeframe they previously said I couldn't claim for. Your advices would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I was told by Barclays that I did not have PPI but I knew I had. I resorted to using a claims company who succeeded in getting the claim but obviously I had to pay them 24% fee. Can I claim the fee back from Barclays as they should have paid me when I first claimed (via Resolver). I do have paperwork from Barclays saying that I couldn't claim. Thanks.
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