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  1. Ok, so this is what my file states: May 2013 - payment up to 1 month late June 2013 - payment up to 2 months late July 2013 - May 2019 - AR payments up to date. Balance was cleared in April 2019, no money now owed. So should I be getting a default around may 2013? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately they dont seem to have registered a default at all. They have just marked it as early arrears for the 2 previous months to me starting the arrangement to pay.
  3. Ok so this would be July 2013. If this is done would it all be gone July ish this year?
  4. Ok so you think I've got a case for getting it changed? This will be the only mark on my file and if I can get it changed to a default then it will drop off in July. I phoned them earlier and the lady on the phone opened up a complaint for me. She agreed that its ridiculous that you are better off not paying!
  5. Hi, I have just finished paying off my vanquis card which had an arrangement to pay. I have only just realised that these arrangement to pay markers now stay on my file for 6 years! I have been in this arrangement since 2013 and thought I was doing the right thing paying off the debt. Apparently I would have been better off not paying and having a default registered as this would be dropping off my file around now. I was never made aware of the impact of these AR markers when I entered into the agreement I have just raised a complaint with vanquis. What do you think the chances are of them changing my file to a default mark? Thanks
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