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  1. T TFL's response to my letter: Dear Mr ------. Thank you for your email, we have read and noted your comments. On [DATE] you attempted to travel from [LOCATION] station. At about 06.58am you entered through the way in barriers using a pass which activated the gate line monitors. When you were initially approached you produced a bank card for inspection, when this was checked it had not been used. You then produced a Disabled persons Freedom Pass that did not belong to you and you were not entitled to use it. Further investigation carried out by this department identified a further 94 journeys you were suspected of making using the pass, avoiding fares of over £341.00. This type of behaviour has a direct impact on the travelling public, and it deprives TfL of important income. TfL is the only major public transport system in Europe that that is not subsidised by central government. The unfortunate reality of this is that TfL are hugely reliant on the income from fares. TfL in turn take fair and appropriate action against those that avoid paying these fares. The loss of income through unpaid fares is a factor taken into consideration when considering annual fare rises TfL believes that good warning is given to all passengers in relation to the possible implications of travelling without a valid ticket, and it is our view that you made a conscious decision to travel without a ticket or pass on [DATE]. It is our view that you would have been aware you were not entitled to use the Freedom Pass as it contained a picture of your Father. We are also of the view that by producing a bank card when first stopped indicated that the use of the freedom pass was not a mistake. You will note that the charge against you is a solitary one of failing to produce a valid ticket whilst in a compulsory ticket area. This offence is a strict liability matter and there is no element of dishonesty contained within the wording of the charge. It is our view that a conviction of this nature would not prevent you from continuing with your chosen career path with [MY WORKPLACE], and the documents you have supplied us do not persuade us other wise. In terms of any potential impact on your future career, if your were to be convicted of this offence, then it is likely that you would receive a fine and therefore the conviction would become spent after 12 months and would not need to be disclosed in the majority of instances. It is also open to you to elaborate on the circumstances and nature of the offence if queries arise when applying for a job. Under the circumstances TfL intends to continue with the matter, and we would advise you to pay close attention to the paperwork you have received as you are required to submit your plea to the court prior to your hearing date. Yours sincerely
  2. No name no. The letter I have at the moment is court letter so nothing really from tfl other than the email address
  3. There is a email but it is general and I'd have to state my case number etc.. I'm worried the proper letter won't get to them so I'm not sure
  4. I have called tfl and asked for a address where I can send a letter to by post and they gave me one for "appeal purposes". Do you guys think I should send the letter via post then maybe 2 days after send the same one via email? Or should I just do one. If so which one?
  5. I don't have a good excuse for using it so many times other than it was poor judgement on my behalf and it was completely a stupid mistake. Should I say this or just leave it out?
  6. Hi @dx100uk @act0145 or any other following, Could you please give me some feedback in regards to this letter I am looking to send to TFL soon. Anything I should add, remove or change ... Much appreciated guys.
  7. As my current work place also requires me to have a clean background I contacted my companys HR to send me a letter which proves that. So that I can include it with my email to tfl that a record will lead to me loosing my job. HR said they will look into this and see if they can provide such letter. So awaiting that right now
  8. Just thought to double check as I never got that letter you mentioned. I'm guessing letter is better than email but should I do both? (or does that make it confusing) Just want to absolutely make sure it does get in their hands.
  9. Thanks for the quick response, Just slightly confused. The attachment you mention I never received however I did receive a large letter with all the court information asking me to fill in all the relevant information to send off (as shown attached). I'm guessing these are different and I should still send my letter to "SE1 8NJ" rather than the court letter I currently have "SW111JU" Thanks for your time
  10. When you say "do it right" could you elaborate on what you mean? Is this regarding the letter to tfl to settle out of court?
  11. Thanks for the help! I am planning on writing up a letter to send to tfl to try and settle out of court (as it seems to be the only way to avoid getting a record) Should I send an email or letter to them and if so is there a specific address I should send to? I am worried I send the letter to a wrong department and it doesn't get considered/read at all. Thanks
  12. Hi All, Although I have seen some similar threads on here I thought ill create a new one as I seek advice tailored to this scenario so please do hear me out.. I have received a letter to attend a Magistrates' Court for the following charge: "That you on [Date] at [Location] did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws Made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962." "On [Date] Mr [Myname] attempted to travel from [Location] station to [Another location] station. At [Time] he entered through the way in barriers using a pass which activated the gateline monitors. When initially approached he produced a bank card that had not been used. He later produced a Disabled persons Freedom pass in oystercard format that did not belong to him. He was not entitled to the use of the pass and it was invalid for travel. He was unable to produce any other ticket for his journey. Further investigation into usage of the pass was identified a further 94 journeys he was suspected of making using the pas, avoiding fares of £341.80p. " "An application will be made in court for a £388 contribution towards the cost of Transport of London. Further costs may be incurred if additional documentation is required or if the matter is not resolved at the earliest opportunity." Also the letter consists of all the 94 transactions I have made using the freedom pass with exact dates along side it. There is also a witness statement (The undercover Revenue Control Inspector which I got caught by). Which quotes the conversation he had with me on the day caught. ---------------------------------------------------------- I am completely new to all of this, I have never committed any kind of crime before this in my life. I totally understand I am in the wrong here and should of been aware of the consequences before using the freedom pass that did not belong to me... I am a University Student currently on my Placement (Working in industry as intern), I will be going into my final year this September and will be having to apply for graduate jobs throughout this year as my university will be coming to an end. in around a year from now. Knowing that a criminal record can make a huge impact in getting a job, I am super worried about getting one and want to know if there is anyway around getting a record (alternatives etc). Which brings me to 3 main questions.. 1) Is there a way to settle out of court in this case? If so, what is the best way and how should I do so? 2) Will I get a Criminal Record? (Is there anyway I can avoid this) 3) If I do get a Criminal record, how long will it be recorded for? Please any advice or knowledge on this will be much appreciated. Will respond to any questions if necessary. Thanks for taking time to read this.
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