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  1. hi i've not taken this up with anybody since late 2017 when this happened but with the forums help i intend to my father was good health before taking the flu jab only after taking the flu jab did he get ill a few days into his holiday in hospital and when he came back he was mentally not the same This is what I have found online on flu jabs they contain several suspect ingredients, including the carcinogen formaldehyde, and many contain mercury in the form of thimerosal. https://www.newsmax.com/Health/Headline/flu-shots-vaccine-thimerosal/2014/11/20/id/608614/ how should I go writing a letter to the chemist to ask for a record of what injection they gave my father in 2017 and if they come back claiming there is no record then what?
  2. My father went to his gp surgery late 2017 to ask for overseas vaccinations for the middle east, the surgery was too busy, they told him go to the local chemist shop to ask them for the vacinnation. My father went to the chemist after leaving the gp surgery explained he was going to the middle east for 2 weeks and instead of giving my father the correct vaccination for the middle east the chemist shop gave my father the flu jab which has caused incredible problems My father returned home explained what happened, I was angry the chemist did this but at the time it was winter so I thought maybe thats why they gave the flu injection but in the back of my mind I was angry. In the same week a few days later my father abroad and ended up getting serously ill a few days into his holiday, got taken to a hospital for a few days put on a drip On his return back to the UK the same day he arrived it was obvious he was unwell so I made an out of hours appointment for him, where he was giving antibiotics. A few days after his return to the UK it became obvious that something had happened to him mentally as he would now swear now and again for no obvious reason. I did at the time think it maybe it was something to do with the flu jab he had received from the chemist a few days before flying out of the uk to holiday as lots of people have become ill 7-10 days after taking the flu jab (my father got ill within 7 days of his holiday) and it can cause mental problems in elderly people My father was 100% before taking the flu jab This has now unfortunately developed to dementia I want to ask will the chemist shop have a record of the injection they gave my father if i ask them? they should shouldn't they, I mean you can't just walk into a chemist shop ask for holiday vaccinations and the chemist give you the flu jab instead? Surely they has to be a something documented and a procedure in place to have everything docuemented and cctv of the day?
  3. I want to complain about the orginal GP in this post not seeing my mother last year because of a complaint made against her a few years. The appoitment was with the gp mentioned in this thread, my mother had to wait over 40mins to be told the the gp did not want to see my mother because of the complaint made against this gp 3 years. The appointment had to then be moved to another gp this took even more time. It was over 1hr before we seen the gp. Why did the gp keep us waiting for so long, this is what the complaint is about, why make my mother wait for over 1hr etc I don't want any compensation I want this gp to realise what she is doing is ethically wrong in her series of actions towards my mother
  4. Hi Honeybee13 I lodged the formal complaint at the gp surgery within the 3 year deadline. The reply i received is summarised in post #61 I've not complained to the GMC before only to the gp surgery Should I send a letter of complaint to the surgery for last year when the same gp kept us waiting for over 40 mins, not wanting to see my mother because of the 1st original complaint made against her (this goes against the gp's 'unable to recollect the consultation' - because the gp made us wait over 40 mins then refused to see us because of the complaint which shows they had recollection and the only reason to refuse to see my mother last year is because of the original claim made against her? This particular gp at the practice has many bad reviews on google so it is a common practice bad behaviour from this gp and nobody speaking out that is allowing this gp to get away with such appalling behaviour
  5. To summarise I sent a letter of complaint to the surgery and got a reply back which said 'I have asked [removed -dx] for feedback in regards to the letter and she is unable to recollect the consultation. I am sure you can appreciate a dr can see on average 30 to 40 patients a day and so remembering every consultation is very especially after 2 years. Copy of consulatation is below with [removed -dx] (goes to describe the dr notes that day) From reviewing the above I cannot find fault with the above consultation. It is unfortunate that your mother was sent to the wrong ward and I apologise for this. I am a little confused as to why when she arrived at the hospital the admisssionss team didn't pick up on this and send her to the correct ward (she was sent to the wrong ward becaue the GP wrote the wrong ward number on the letter and also told us to go to the ward on the letter that she wrote on the envelope, so its the dr's fault for the wrong ward) Once again I am sorry I am unable to answer all your converns but as mentioned above the time length of time to raise this complaint has made it difficult. This I find strange because a few months ago my mother had an appoitment with the very same gp and we both waited in reception, over 20 mins passed and I asked the receptinist what is the delay the receptionist told me the dr is busy, i went back and waited. By this time almost 40 mins had passed and nothing i went back to the receptonist and asked her she checked the pc and discretely told me '[removed -dx] has refused to see your mother because she made a complaint against her etc' And the appointment was then moved to another GP who we explained what just happened and he was shocked. I want to raise a complaint to the GMC for this dr for the mistakes the gp made Prior to the original post my mother had seen this gp with crackling cough, difficuly breathing, early signs of pneomonia etc but the gp said 'i am not going to give you any medicine' and sent my mother home with mo medication. This was the same thing to do, gp failed and this then lead to the visit as in the original post I now want to raise a complaint to the GMC on the basis of the earlier justified complaint made against her, Gp's are supposed to be neautral and not take things personal but this gp is being wrong in her actions and I want to raise this and her mistakes in the orginal post where she said 'go home take paracetamol, there is no pneumonia and only after I objected and insisted the dr use stethoscope to check the lungs and breathing did the GP then tell us it was pneumonia and then she sent us to the wrong hospital ward where we were not seen for over 5 hours and during this time my mothers condition got worse. A report from Care Quality Commission said the inspection said: “The practice not always provide care in a way that kept patients safe and protected them from avoidable harm. Patients not receive effective care and treatment that met their needs etc' I need your help to draft a complain letter to the GMC for against this GP Please can you help me thank you
  6. what can the OP do now to get the £30 extra she paid is there a template letter she can send close brothers?
  7. The lady on the phone from Motonova told me on the phone if you cancel the dd then we will put your account in arrears, issue a notice of default and make it impossible for you to get any finance loan or mortgage in the future, thats only reason why the dd is active. Motonova have emailed me stating the account is frozen for 3 months, will see if they go against their word and take the dd this later this week. If they do I have their printed email stating 3 month freeze, I will send that to them and put that as formal complaint before going to ombusman. I am going to request the CCA and look at the VT figure, because I have decided to VT the car back to Motonova. I have no job and i'm not going to use my savings to pay after 3 months freeze. This is my letter to request the CCA (Your home address) Date: To: [template removed - please read the top red lines - dx] dx100uk will the CCA they send show the VT figure?
  8. I ended up paying the extra £30 because I did not want the default notice but that may still be on my credit file yet to check How can I get the £30 back from close, can someone help me with a letter
  9. Update!! Dx100uk - Motonova finally sent me an email which states they have agreed to freeze payments for 3 months, so will see if they take the DD later this week, if they do take the dd later this week then i have their email which catergory states they agreed to freeze for 3 months, then I will complain then take it to the financial ombusman I have checked and Motonova never sent me a written agreement in the post and the online account does not have the written agreement I need to find the VT figure, what should I do to get the agreement?
  10. lowell purchase debts at a very very cheap price, they will write that bailiffs will remove items for the value of the debt but its only a threat to scare you and if the bailifs do arrive at your property they will scare you by looking around and adding items values up to the debt to make you believe they will remove the items BUT its ONLY done to scare you into paying, so hold your nerve and say your not paying. Lowells own bailiffs they send can't remove items from your property.
  11. I logged into my motovona account and under agreement it only shows Vehicle VW GOLF Status Active Registration number XYZ Outstanding balance £11,198.25 Arrears £270.00 Payments missed 1 Deposit or part exchange amount £6,400.00 Next payment amount £270.00 Next payment date 16 May 2020 Agreement Start date 16 March 2018 Agreement End date 17 May 2023 Final payment amount £649.25 APR: 12.3% Interest Rate 5.9% Vin number XYZ Thats all the agreement is showing no other figures
  12. dx100uk this is the reply I am going to send to the new form and to customer services, please see below, please et me have your thoughts on the wording I have lost my job due to works closing because of zero business during the current virus trading restrictions. I have been in contact with my bank who have advised me to contact all companies to freeze payments for 3 months. The FCA wants motor finance firms to grant a three-month freeze on all payments during the coronavirus pandemic. As per the FCA guidelines I request you grant a 3 month freeze on all payments starting from month April 2020 You should be freezing payments for 3 months anyway for all customers .who are struggling because of coranvirus. I request after the 3 month freeze ends I will then offer £25 a month for the 6 months starting from August 2020 . On 2nd week of April I completed an online form to request lower payments which I emailed to [email protected] I did not receive a reponse until the 3rd week of April in the form of an email from [email protected] (Collections Team) asking for further information to which I replied the same day via email. I have not received a response to that email. This is now the 3rd time I am contacting you to request that you please freeze payments for 3 months starting the May 2020. Please can you kindly action the request asap and confirm you have actioned the 3 month freeze and the lower payment request after the 3 months at £25 a month for 6 months thereafter. Kind Regards Sofia Should i mentioned if they ignore this my 3rd request I will contact the financial ombusman?
  13. Much appreciated dx for all your help, thank you I'll complete the most recent form they sent and mention everything on that form which you told me on post 4 (lower payments for 6 months) And in post 21 to (freeze for 3 months and take payments of £25 for 6 months) Its just a matter of copying and pasting the info across to the new form. By doing this it will be more evidence from me that I did email motonova on 2 seperate occasions the first being 2nd week of April asking to lower payments for 6 months. Then secondly responding to their email asking for more information in 3rd week of april to freeze and lower payments. 3rd time will be l be now with the new form on th the link they texted me - this shows that I was following all their requests to freeze/lower payments and I've done everything to contact them and its them that have not responded or frozen the payments for 3 months and lowered payments for 6 months after. If they ignore this most recent form I will send them it will work stronger for me if it ever went to the financial ombusman becuase I have all the evidence that I went out of my way to come to an arrangement but motonova ignored all 3 requests. If they accept the freeze/lower payments fine if they ignore or take no action and attemp to take the dd next week, I will reclaim it and then send a complaint letter with all the evidence I have to them, wait for their reply and if they still do not help, then i'm well in my rights to take motonova to the financial ombusman
  14. Yes I agree they are duty bound as the link andy posted earlier in post 10 but all hey have done is ignore everything. Should I complete this most recent form they have sent see below and mention on that I emailed them a request to lower payments because of covid19 and losing job in 2nd week april, then i received an email from them on 3rd week of april sking for more information to which i responded back the same day and since then, they have not had the decency to freeze the payments for 3 months and then accepting lower payments of £25 per month after that? why don't they have the decency to freeze for 3 months? They have had the request last month and not done anything
  15. i didn't cancel the dd because i didn't want motonova to issue a notice of default because I did not want it effecting my credit history in the future. i've been trying to get the payments to £25 a month starting with a 3 month freeze and no i did not know about telling the bank not to homour any further direct debit requests I will get that done today What happens when they try to take the next dd request next week and the bank does not honour it will it count as another arrears? I want a 3 month freeze and after that £25 for next 6 months because I am actively looking for work and i might be working in 6 months time thats my reasoning and I don't have spare cash lying around to buy another car, so in essence I want 9 months breathing space.
  16. Motonova have done this on purpose!! I am so upset been crying this morning, i can't think straight anymore my head is spinning I can't concentrate Do I write to the head office official complaint to ask why this happened and why the lower payment offer I made, why was I never given a response and get that arrears removed ASAP or motonova will give me a 2nd arrears next week and send a wrong default notice because they messed up not actioning my response to the email i received from them asking for further information My next dd is coming up end of next week so need to take action today, please help me draft something strongly worded I can send today motonova put my account in arrears on purpose, did not action my offer request to lower payments and did not action email i sent providing them with further information they requested last month, they inaction has made my account go into arrears and they now send me this link here https://moneymanager.motonovofinance.com/circumstances-changed
  17. UPDATE!! Please help!! DX100uk I got the DD reclaimed like you told said BUT today I got a text from motonova saying 'Good New! You can now use your Money Manager portal to get immediate support, this includes a 3 month payment plan defferral. Just visit https://moneymanager.motonovofinance.com/circumstances-changed' I logged in and its now showing my account as being in ARREARS!! 2nd week of april I sent Motonova the completed form as per your help in post 4 Towards the end of the 3rd week in April I got this email as below 'apologies for the delay in response and thank you for your email. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. We’ve taken the time to review the information you’ve submitted. Before we‘re able to advise on a solution, we need some more information from you. Please complete the form below in full for us to review. Have you sought any financial advice? If so, from who? How much are you entitled to? Have you spoken to any of your other bills? If, so, what have they advised? Do you have any savings you can put towards the agreement? Further support If you have any further changes in circumstances, please visit our coronavirus support page for the latest updates and information. Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented circumstances' Which I sent back to them and heard nothing back, then I got the DD reclaimed and now my account is showing arrears which means my credit history has wrongfully been ruined by motonovo. I have the emails I sent to them in my sent box along with the dates etc What I am supposed to do now? please help me
  18. If you paid by credit card you can get refund contact your card provider
  19. I lost my job early in year so i request a 3 months mortgage freeze from Birmingham Midshires Mortgages BUT Birmingham Midshires Mortgages have taken last months mortgage dd despite me requesting payment holiday and have taken it again this month!! I went to https://secure.lloydsbank.com/retail/mortgages/bm-mortgages/request-a-holiday.asp last month in March completed it and heard nothing even after 10 days, so I completed a 2nd request on 19 March and heard nothing. Birmingham Midshires Mortgages then took March dd from my account on 28 March and again April's dd yesterday on April 28 this is despite me requesting a freeze for 3 months!!! Shall I complete a 3rd request on here https://www.bmmortgages.co.uk/existing-customers/payment-holidays/ ? I tried calling them and been on the phone for well over 1hr over several days waiting in the queue and could not even get through to anyone!! Birmingham Midshires Mortgages if your reading this start looking after your customers instead of wanting to get their homes reposssed!!
  20. Update!! Please see my post 20 on this thread Motonovova have not responded to the further information request (see post 20) it has been 7 days now and NO reponse so far what do I do, shall I send a complaint letter now?
  21. i mean there is no VT figure in my online motonovo account that you were asking me to look and find in any lettter or online.
  22. How can the OP check if the default notice close brothers sent her has effected her credit record, what can she do to have it removed if its on her experian credit record?
  23. 7 days left for the 5th not heard anything so far i think the text reply was just to make me happy but lets wait see
  24. Your default letter should not have been sent out so quickly if you only missed April payments. CB's should have sent you a reminder and a further reminder if i'm correct. You cancelled your direct debit in March, missed Aprils payment, then you receive a default notice from close brothers which is wrong because default doesn’t comply with the “3-6 months arrears” rule then you can ask for it to be corrected. I would suggest you pay the £38.50 immediately to stop it going any furher, get the direct debit up and running again, then contact CB to get them to explain why they sent you the default notice before the “3-6 months arrears” rule and warn them you will be taking this to the Financial Ombusman and requst a refund of the £30 extra you have paid them. If experian put a default notice on your credit file then your default doesn’t comply with the “3-6 months arrears” rule then you can ask for it to be corrected. After that get the insurance cancelled by calling swinton insurance, tell them you will not be paying the cancellation charges.
  25. Payments have requested them to freeze for 3 months as the fca has told companies then to lower payments to £25 for 6 months thereafter VT figure can't find that, Motonovo only sent me a general info booklet no figures in that, so i logged into online motonovo account and no VT figures in there, just shows deposit paid and dd's gone out etc, no VT figure
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