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  1. With great respect the overdraft confirmation letter ( its on nat west headed paper) and it begins THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT then "this is a calculation we are required to provide" blah blah "the cost of credit comprises interest and fees.....the fees INCLUDE any arranged overdraft usage fee and/or account fee payable during the period" ie 3 months. Its easy to argue that as this information ( total cost of credit) is misleading then my consequent decision to accept the terms and proceed with the overdraft was not based on any factual or clear knowledge. I keep repea
  2. Originally I complained to NW that a visit to my branch back in 2013, to discuss my burdensome overdraft of £2900 with a view to taking a consolidation loan, resulted in an INCREASE of the fore-mentioned overdraft to £4000 forced upon me by an expert pushy pressurising forceful salesman . its only recently that I have managed to bring the overdraft down to a reasonable level £1000 and I reckon that ive paid thousands more in interest than a simple 2 or 3 year loan would have cost. NWest denied that I was treated unfairly and the ombudsman crazily agreed. it was then that I noticed th
  3. Thanks andy I will check that out but the overdraft confirmation letter FIRMLY states that the cost of credit includes interest and fees these fees include any arranged od usage fee and or account fee payable during the period . They can hardly argue with themselves .
  4. No response just yet , but I feel strongly that Nwest have not got a leg to stand on.
  5. Hi everyone I posted last week as a new member but didn't introduce myself . I m sorry if this was impolite. Anyhow I love this site and appreciate the help that you guys (an gals ) regularly give to people who are sometimes desperate for help. keep up the good work! Z A
  6. Hi Ive recently complained to NW about a missold overdraft dating back to 2013 during my preparation I requested a SAR , they complied and sent me "everything " that they held. I thought that my case was a sure fire winner but the bank didn't and I then decided to take it to the ombudsman. After many emails and phone calls my case seemed to be floundering and whilst looking again at the data NW had sent in my SAR I spotted something which appeared to be a serious error by NW . The document that I was looking at was a copy of the OVERDRAFT CONFIRMATION LET
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