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  1. thanks. however, my response was based on the info I read in post 2 (not to sign the form, not to provide phone or email etc). just wanted to check about box I, as the suggested response in post 2 started with 'I need a copy of..' rather than what is suggested in post 2 for that section. for box D, post 2 advised that I should "dispute this debt because..recommended reason as advised from your thread". I'm not sure what reason to put here from this thread.
  2. thanks. I'll check which are not aware and let them know. as you mentioned, they are listed in my credit file. just to clarify, what reason should I include for box D of the attached response form? Box I starts with the text 'I need a copy of...', whereas the instructions in post 2 includes text which starts with "I have requested by way of a cca request the signed agreement from the debt purchaser [cc attached to this reply form]" etc. Should I just cross out the 'I need a copy of..' and refer the person reading to a separate page with the full text asking for default
  3. just stopped paying everyone at the time unfortunately. was going through a difficult family situation at the time, which all got a bit messy. I was actually living outside the UK at the time this credit card defaulted, but we have since moved back to the UK (2-3 years ago). Howard Cohen must have looked up my new address via my credit file.
  4. thanks for the reassurance, much appreciated. I was just worried they might immediately instigate court proceedings. "I dispute this debt because..recommended reason as advised from your thread and add the debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation." which reason would you recommend I write for box D of the response form?
  5. thanks. will check the post carefully and also download the linked attachment. you're right, I was given the advice to ask for deed of assignment on another forum back in 2017, rather than here. in post 1, it confirms that I have 30 days to reply to the letter. As the letter is dated 20th April, assuming I send your attached response form tomorrow 1st class, will this be acceptable (or could they only receive it when back in work on Monday, so over the 30 day period)?
  6. noted, and apologies! I'll get that CCA request sent to Cohen. I'll try and see if I can find out what the last payment was made. Yes, it would be within 6 years (some time in 2015 I think). regarding the other debt I mentioned - Reston sent me a pre action letter on behalf of Arrow Global, back in 2017. On advice I received at the time, I sent a CCA request to Arrow Global, along with a response letter to Restons asking for a list of transactions, notice and deed of assignment, as well as default notice. It was a while back, but haven't hea
  7. @Andyorch regarding post 2 you linked to, is the information still current, so letter template etc? I notice the post was written in 2017.
  8. Hi Andy. According to my credit file, the account start date is 03/06/2010. No idea on last payment date. Default date: 29/09/15 Balance 4.8k Sorry, yes, should have written Howard Cohen. I had a different issue with Restons, relating to another account.
  9. Hi all,I received a Letter of Claim from Restons Solicitors, acting for Hoist Finance UK Holdings Limited (see attached).This relates to a Barclaycard debt of around £4700, which is recorded as defaulting in September 2015.As with my other debts (not currently chasing), the debt happened due to some difficult personal circumstances, and I of course regret the action I took at the time.That said, it looks like this company are planning to make a claim in court, and with the letter being dated 20th April, I really need to send them a respond today or tomorrow by recorded post, to ensure that I a
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