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  1. Hello, everyone. I had no reply from the letter I sent to Harland's some months ago, I now has an email from ZINC saying I owe £171, any suggestions? Kind regards Moo
  2. We can request 1 year in advance, so have asked for 1 week at easter and 1 week at spring half term for next year I will see what happens, they have not been approved as yet.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I have found advice from ACAS about how to word your case which has been useful. I can't say "I won't be in on those dates" as we have a policy for booking leave and it has to be approved on our online roster system. I think what I need to do is make the case that if I get the dates I feel my son needs there is less chance I will need to take emergency leave at very short notice leaving the service very short of staff. Also I think there is some scope for using anti discrimination legislation as his special needs are a protected characteristic. I am important to the running of the service as I have more clinical experience that anyone else there and my skills would be missed if I left, My other option is to actually leave and work on the agency as and when I wish. I have only known one other person have this accepted but that was when I worked at the other hospital in out group which had a large pool of experienced staff, and this was because she was widowed young and had no child care for her 3 kids. I don't know anyone else who has applied for flexible working.
  4. I had help from the KIDS charity when we first applied for the EHCP and they were great, I will ask them. I do tend to not be very assertive with things like this. I do think I need a change of approach.
  5. Thanks for the reply I have found a draft letter to send, thank you I paid the DD in March but cancelled it before the April one came out, it used to come out on the 11th of the month, they added £50 and the £9.99 for May before the May one would have been due. They said they would affect my credit score and it would be sent to a third party debt collectors, but I believe it is the same company using a different name. I asked for a breakdown of the charges in writing and that I believed the charges were not lawful, and they said they were not obliged to provide this and that the £25 admin charges were lawful. I thought I cancelled online then got an email back sometime later, saying my account could not be cancelled as it was in arrears. I am happy to pay the missed fees and an extra month in lieu of cancelling correctly. Kind Regards Moo
  6. Thanks for the replies I asked the union ages ago but have not had a reply as the rep is on long term sick, I don't currently have a line manager as the post has been vacant for 4 months but we have someone starting at the end of the month. I am a Band 6 theatre team leader for a large NHS trust. My old Band 7 was flexible with the % of staff allowed off at once which is one at once and allowed 2 at a time and everyone was happy with that, she realised there needs to be a work life balance and that experienced people will leave if treated poorly. I am not sure how the new Band 7 will calculate it as she is quite inexperienced ( only 6 months as a Band 6) and it is a 6 month secondment and she will have to reapply for a substantive post after that, I am concerned she may be budget and target driven, as I know she really wants to keep the promotion. I want to know if I have any rights before i raise it with her, the matron or HR etc. Kind Regards Moo
  7. Hi All, My son has special needs and has an EHCP in place, he has poor muscle tone and muscle weakness and I feel he benefits from spending time outdoors and being active etc. Do I have any rights to be granted leave during school holidays to accommodate his needs? Kind Regards Moo
  8. Thankyou for your reply I signed up in April 2016, I have not been to the gym for over 2 years, I have a chronic achilles injury and the gym is not suitable. They added £50 after one missed payment. Kind Regards Moo
  9. Hi everyone, I am having similar issues to other members with Harland's and they won't cancel my membership until I pay £50 admin on top of the £9.99 x 2 payments that have been missed, I am happy to pay the £19.98 but object to paying £50 in admin fees. I erroneously cancelled online and cancelled my DD on the same day and this is apparently not the way it works, but you live and learn I guess. So my membership is still live and I don't want them to keep adding more and more payments and fees. I have repeated emails from them but I am getting nowhere. I believe they way forward is to write to them, is there a link to a template letter on here that I can use? Kind Regards Moo
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