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  1. Hello, everyone. I had no reply from the letter I sent to Harland's some months ago, I now has an email from ZINC saying I owe £171, any suggestions? Kind regards Moo
  2. We can request 1 year in advance, so have asked for 1 week at easter and 1 week at spring half term for next year I will see what happens, they have not been approved as yet.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I have found advice from ACAS about how to word your case which has been useful. I can't say "I won't be in on those dates" as we have a policy for booking leave and it has to be approved on our online roster system. I think what I need to do is make the case that if I get the dates I feel my son needs there is less chance I will need to take emergency leave at very short notice leaving the service very short of staff. Also I think there is some scope for using anti discrimination legislation as his special needs are a protected characteristic.
  4. I had help from the KIDS charity when we first applied for the EHCP and they were great, I will ask them. I do tend to not be very assertive with things like this. I do think I need a change of approach.
  5. Thanks for the reply I have found a draft letter to send, thank you I paid the DD in March but cancelled it before the April one came out, it used to come out on the 11th of the month, they added £50 and the £9.99 for May before the May one would have been due. They said they would affect my credit score and it would be sent to a third party debt collectors, but I believe it is the same company using a different name. I asked for a breakdown of the charges in writing and that I believed the charges were not lawful, and they said they were not obl
  6. Thanks for the replies I asked the union ages ago but have not had a reply as the rep is on long term sick, I don't currently have a line manager as the post has been vacant for 4 months but we have someone starting at the end of the month. I am a Band 6 theatre team leader for a large NHS trust. My old Band 7 was flexible with the % of staff allowed off at once which is one at once and allowed 2 at a time and everyone was happy with that, she realised there needs to be a work life balance and that experienced people will leave if treated poorly. I am not
  7. Hi All, My son has special needs and has an EHCP in place, he has poor muscle tone and muscle weakness and I feel he benefits from spending time outdoors and being active etc. Do I have any rights to be granted leave during school holidays to accommodate his needs? Kind Regards Moo
  8. Thankyou for your reply I signed up in April 2016, I have not been to the gym for over 2 years, I have a chronic achilles injury and the gym is not suitable. They added £50 after one missed payment. Kind Regards Moo
  9. Hi everyone, I am having similar issues to other members with Harland's and they won't cancel my membership until I pay £50 admin on top of the £9.99 x 2 payments that have been missed, I am happy to pay the £19.98 but object to paying £50 in admin fees. I erroneously cancelled online and cancelled my DD on the same day and this is apparently not the way it works, but you live and learn I guess. So my membership is still live and I don't want them to keep adding more and more payments and fees. I have repeated emails from them but I am getting nowhere.
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