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  1. Ok thanks just hope all this is worth it cnt help but worry I'll loose my home x
  2. The women on desk said they should get them by tomorrow I have receipt with proof of sending with there address and postcode on for both yes I will get the cag budget sheet printed of just wanted to get letters sent would have cost me nearly 15 pound to get them sd didn't have the money on me at the time hopefully they will get them in time if not I have proof of sending them to show court that i did try She also said they would have to sign for them she put the sign stickers on them anyway
  3. I've sent letters of recorded delivery this morning and also got receipt kept 2 copies to x
  4. Should I email then aswell or just post just incase
  5. Okay will do will get then printed iofand sent by the end of the week I'm working till Friday now so will try my best before hand when I spoke to Halifax on the phone they said the eviction notice wouldn't come to the house till at least the 28th may as they have to wait 14 days ir something so still have 6 days to get them sent hoping to get em printed if tomorrow hun so will send them Thursday or Friday chic x Wasnt gonna be working but they have asked me to do some extra shifts
  6. Thanks Ellen will get that sorted tomorrow
  7. Had a letter from Halifax today saying were taking possession of your home you will receive an evection notice shortly etc and to make sure we find somewhere else to live do u think its nesseasary for me to go to the council to inform them or do u think I should wait till we apply to the court when the notice comes through dnt want to be in a mess with no where to go if u think we stand a chance of keeping our home should I need to go to council Oh and it also says to remove all our belonging lsd before the eviction date getting worried
  8. Thankyou very much Ellen u had ne worried for a minute speak tomorrow so you think I have every chance if getting it suspended again them
  9. No was going to offer monthly payment plus 100 pounds extra by little boy goes swimming once a month which is 15 pounds a month and the rest is when we take kids out for the day and what not once a month to zoo etc
  10. Finally manage to get It done thanks for the link dx100uk ur all being very helpful feeling reassured now but it still so worrying
  11. hi ellen here is my copmpleted budget sheet i have put my tax credits and working together as cant find the letter with the individual amounts on this is all based on monthly incomings and outgoins take a look see if u think my offer would be fair or to much i will be offering 350 at the least bud would like to offer 400 per month if u think its ok xx and also could you help me with my letter please thanks ive put 400 per month down so you can see what my budget would be Budget Sheet complete.pdf
  12. Okay thanks will try again later as I'm not home at the moment
  13. Because I pay all the household Bill's my partner as always had to authorise them to speak to me on his behalf as I'm the only earner in the house
  14. I'm gonna try fill out income expenditure later on this afternoon hun x
  15. I've already done an income and expenditure with the bank which they're happy with I'll be be able to manage payments but yes I will complete yours also the mortgage is in joint name with his ex partner but she has no interest in making payments she just wants her half of the money when its sold there was error an with the bank paying out other bills before mortgage went out also been on maternity leave for 4 months hasn't helped with my income yes I would be able to afford £400 per month or do you recon the judge will still accept the original order for £350 now if back at work full time it will defo be more manageable will complete you budget sheet tomorrow as I've only just finished work or may do it later if I get chance thanks ellen as for the mortgage term its balance is 39k so presume it's got a few years left on it yet I've worked out if I pay 400 pound it would take me 10 months to pay if or if I pay 350 it will be bout 14 months to pay of which will be well within the mortgage term for sure just didn't want to lose our families home that's all I work for is my kids to have a home to live in that's why I've only taken 4 months if work Am I able to complete on my phone or does it need to be a laptop etc Cant seem to do it on my phone so will try laptop tomorrow hun x
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