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  1. Hi Ellen I've paid them 350 this morning will get my partner to phone them later as he got doctors appointment this morning so will call them to explain this afternoon I've also drafted a letter to send later on too I've explained in the letter that due to me being Ill for a few days last fortnight my pay is reduced and unfortunately due to these circumstances I'm unable to pay full monthly agree in full but have paid 350 today and will pay up to date on Friday the 2nd of August payment of 50 pounds will be made which will bring court order up to date then the 400 monthly
  2. My aunt CANT help me so gonna have to try and sort something with Halifax I hope they will understand my situation I'm gonna pay them go to date so hopefully it wont be a problem if I keep them informed and yes will follow up with a letter xx
  3. OK will call then tomorrow i had the same issue when i was in hospital having little one and didn't pay until the 7th Feb and they seemed to be OK with that so hoping they will this time Will pay 320 in the morning then call them to say I've paid this and 70 Friday for July and payments will resume on 28th august as agreed on the order obviously explaing my reason for not paying full monthly payment Will also out in writing and send it recorded delivery I'm also gonna out that this will make the order up to date I'll argue that the judge wasnt hap
  4. Hi ellen just a quick one unfortunately I've been ill so I've had to take a few days of work this month which means I can pay mortgage 320 but can pay the other 70 on Friday do u think they will start proceedings again for such a short space of time its not like I've not paid any towards arrears wat do u think panicking don't want to go through it all again its not like I CNT afford to pay its just I've had a sickness bug but die to my line if work I have had to take 3 days off which is 1 week less pay more or less
  5. Ok the solicitor did say that the court would ask them to stand down at some point today so hopefully they wont turn up Thanks so much every
  6. Thankyou so much Ellen if it wasnt for u I wouldn't have saved our house just one more question what happens if the bailiffs do turn up tomorrow
  7. He also said to the Halifax rep to pass on a message which he basically told him that they was in the wrong and shouldn't be demanding full arrears as that was not in the mortgage term so hakifax basically got told of lol so glad we won I'm over the moon a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders never gonna miss a payment again or if i do have to I will contact them before hand to let them no dont want to go through his stress again x just want a normal happy life now x I would like some more advice on mortgage but will do another thread when the time comes
  8. And also we need into the court room it was the same judge has last time believe it or not he said so there rep what was there proposal they said the arrears in full to stop the eviction he said that wasnt going to happen and they should have accepted are offer which is more than reasonable and also stated that that wasnt in the terms if the mortgage or something he said to us that he could see we have reduce the original arrears amount up to date and that the offer was overly reasonable and asked if we could afford it so think he may have reduced amount if needed but w
  9. Ok Ellen they called before hearing so they have probably heard now anyway xx we asked the solicitor before hearing what would happen if suspended order happened again who would contact bailiffs they said the court would contact them to tell them to stand down or something but what happens if they turn up romorrow
  10. Just looked though call log onnohone they tried to call at 13.13 and left a message just before the hearing I wonder why will explain more in depth later
  11. Not long had a phone call from Halifax not sure what about as missed there call but they left a voicemail saying to call them back should we or not now it's been sorted on court
  12. Yes just about to best dinner with the kids and will post later once I've got kids settled in my saved home x
  13. Hi guys just to say we won the judge wasnt happy with the way Halifax have gone for the eviction demanding the full arrears he said to file a complaint against them he said they should have agreed an agreement before hand so yes success and a weight of our shoulders thanks to all of u for ur support and guidance x
  14. Thanks guys I'm probably just other thinking stuff but it's the scary thought if my children losing the home they have been brought up in x
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