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  1. Okay, thank you for the input king! You have been helpful. if anybody else has any advice, please do not hesitate to do so. I'll let you guys know how it turns out....
  2. Hopefully! I they do allow me to keep the car without having to pay for the rest of it, would I be able to part ex it or sell it later if I decided too?
  3. So worst case the finance company takes the car and I can't get anything from the Vehichle smart people...
  4. But surely that's bs.. Doesn't matter where I bought the car from, the information represented should be the same/accurate nonetheless since the car has a complete history within the UK, where the finance had been taken out on.
  5. I haven't contacted them. I did read their t&cs ( which are experian t&cs, since they use them to do background checks) , and what the only 2 points I won't be able to meet are : 1) The car must have been purchased within the UK 2) The car must have been purchased for amount no less than 70% which I think is bs, but So I imagine that's what they will tell me and say, "no, not happening"
  6. Hello guys, I've gotten myself in a real pickle, and was wondering if anybody could offer any advice on what do. So a few months back I eyed a British registered vehicle abroad ( seen at a small time dealership still within the EU) for a really good price (less than 70% of it's current market value within the UK) . Before I bought the vehicle I performed a vehicle smart advanced check ( for which I paid 10 £ pounds for, comes with a 30 000£ guarantee) and it stated that everything is okay with the vehicle, not scrapped, not imported, no outstanding finance, etc. Since
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