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  1. Hi Andy, thank you you so much for putting my mind at rest. to be honest this is the first time I received the default notice in February 2019 and amount stated on the DN was paid before the time specified on the letter. If you have any information or process on how I can stop this from happening will really appreciate it. thanks once again for your help. Regards, Rob
  2. Please I need help!! I was given a default notice from MBNA in February 2019 and the amount on the default notice was paid within the time frame specified on the default notice. suddenly I now received a letter today saying my credit agreement is cancelled and the need their money immediately. Also they mentioned a default will be registered on my credit file. I contacted MBNA and they said after paying the amount specified on the default on the last day but more payment was generated which should have been paid as well. I really don’t know where I stand and what I can do to stop the default registered against my name. I need help please. Thank you
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