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  1. I hope they won't be able to find my agreement. Thank you so much for your support. You were so nice and supportive.
  2. I received a letter from Intrum saying that they withdraw the demand. Still staying it was on the 17/04/2019. They said they asked for my agreement the original creditor.
  3. PI called Halifax last week, they confirmed that the debt was sold to Intrum. why would Intrum fake notice of assignment if they've bought the debt?
  4. Can i add that the respondent breached because they sent me letter 14 days after the serve of demand saying that now the have a right to procede with bankruptcy petition. The Respondent’s breach of The Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 Rule 10.4. I am still not sure about serve and notice of application, maybe i dont need both? Breach of insolvency rules: demand dated 17, served on 30th, letter dated 14.05 claiming that they have the right for bankruptcy petition already
  5. Good mornign; iam confused with following because in old 6.4. was the creditor served. Please help The names and addresses of the persons on whom it is intended to serve this application are: Mrs George 43 The names and addresses of the persons to whom it is intended to deliver notice of this application are: Intrum
  6. thank you, would you know if i have to pay for applying to court as CAB said £150?
  7. You might be right about notice of assignment, it doesn't look like anything I used to get from Halifax. I also haven't received a letter from Halifax that they assigned this debt to Intrum. Previously with other 4 debt collectors Halifax always sent letters. the signature as well looks blurred whee in all precious letters is very clear. I called Halifax last week, they confirmed that the debt was sold to Intrum. why would Intrum fake notice of assignment if they've bought the debt? CAB just rang me telling that i will have to pay £150 to apply to set aside
  8. I have received a notice of assignment with intrums first letter. It looked different from the normal letters from Halifax but Intrum wouldn't fake the assignment
  9. Thank you o need help with the statement post 80 with the language and to make it more like lawyer language please The reason to set aside would be? 1.disputed debt 2. waiting for Intrum to comply with CCA 3. Intrum Using statutory demand as a method to collect debts 4. Intrum breach of Insolvency Rules, not following procedures, saying that after only 14 days they have a right to issue bankruptcy petition (today's letter)
  10. Thanks thanks can I use their letter threatening me with bankruptcy again when the 21 days are not expires as well in my witness statement? Will you be able to help me with a witness statement please? Post 80
  11. Hello, thank you again for support. I checked intrum received my request on the 14 th, on the same day they've sent me this: we do not have payment plan in place with you in relation to your account. following the recent service of stat dem we write to inform you that we are now in position to present a bankruptcy petition against you. once petition is issued the amount payable would increase with expenses, fees and costs including those of the trustee following bankruptcy. the trustee will be invited to liquidate your assets (e.g. Property
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