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  1. It's not for me to crawl over your site, that's for you to take responsibility and ownership. I'm very surprised you haven't already taken ownership in this matter and updated each post where you have stated a buyer can simply reject a car within 30 days. Don't you think it would be pertinent to update those posts with an acknowledgement your advise was wrong. I think that is the very least you should do. I'm thinking of all those people who are currently pending a court case with a belief their case is based on the correct advise, when its been in fact totally wrong.
  2. Don't you think it would be appropriate to update the with the correct info re rejection ? You are still promoting misinformed bad advise. You aren't helping consumers. You've admitted your wrong (with no appologies) to retailers, do something about it Bankfodder.
  3. But, it hasn't been clocked.... Its clearly a clerical error, a simple discrepancy, look at the mileage for the following year. The OP did a HPI check which showed a discrepancy, they were advised here to ask the provider of the check to research the discrepancy... They haven't, they also haven't asked Jaguar for clarity of the mileage. The OP hasn't done the two most obvious things to support the claim..... WHY ?
  4. OP, have you actually rung Jaguar about the discrepancy or asked them to plug your car in for clarity ? And, are you saying, you were advised there was a discrepancy prior to the finance being released ?
  5. The CRA does not cover anything related to wear n tear, maintaining a vehicle is the buyers responsibility. How old and what mileage is your car ?
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