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  1. BF, you are misrepresenting the 30 day right to reject rule again. Stop misleading people, you’ve acknowledged you were wrong, please don’t go down that path again. OP, if the seller has proof the fault was not present at the point of sale then it’s your responsibility to pay for the repair, if the fault has occurred due to wear n tear it is also your responsibility. What you have to do is substantiate the fault was present at the point of sale.
  2. Interesting. What was the mileage recorded on the MOT & what was the mileage on your purchased invoice. One MOT tester might advise at their discretion, another might fail a car. It depends on their stats. Tyres will fail if they are presented as dangerous on that day and that day only. When tyres are low on tread they can wear out very very quickly, just as KING has advised you.
  3. When you purchase an insurance policy, you study what it covers first to see if it suits your requirements. Did you not do that ? I suggest you read your policy.
  4. I repeat, the seller has the right under the CRA to repair. That is exactly what they have offered. The OP doesn’t even know what the fault is, you cannot simply reject if a light has appeared. OP is being completely unreasonable. The CRA is designed to be fair to both parties, it is not one sided.
  5. And.... It’s a £2500 end of life banger. If it gets from A2B it’s fit for purpose. What are you actually trying to say?
  6. You have no right to reject the car just because an EML warning light has become apparent, you don't even know what the fault is. You should be reasonable and accept the offer to repair. You should be working with the garage, not against them.
  7. This. OP. You are an adult and you should have done your research thoroughly prior to purchasing the car and negotiated respectively. It's your choice and your responsibility solely as to whether you service it within the manufacturers recommendations. Unless of course, the retailer stated the belt had been changed..... that would be a different ball game.
  8. Of course, Ebay is just a cheap advertising medium. If you want rogue sellers try Facebook, it’s full of them, Ebay is prestige compared to FB.
  9. Would I buy a car remotely from him, absolutely not. His advert invites people to view first to see the car, to see how it condition is above average for the year. I also don't for one moment believe the OP's post.
  10. I have to completely disagree. You just have to look at the small independent garages, who do professional videos, lots of photos and comprehensive descriptions to see the honest sellers - feedback, websites, reputations proceed many of these sellers who have been there for years. ebay has shite sellers, just like every other internet sales medium. The OP's seller clearly isn't quality, but to quote all ebay sellers as rogues is just incorrect.
  11. King. There are plenty of very reputable dealers on ebay who also advertise with Autotrader and all the other premium advertising mediums.
  12. The OP bought a banger, it's an end of life car and doesn't want to have to pay to maintain the OAP.
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