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  1. hi sidewinder thanks for your response .I have no other option i would rather claim or just do nothing .i will be sending claim in the morning . i would rather try end of the day i worked hard for the money and wont let her get away with that . She will pay up once claim issued.
  2. hi ericsbrother thanks for your reply and sorry for late response i have did what you said but no reply from her at all .so going to begins civil action. will update due course, thanks again
  3. Any suggestions?All I am looking for to get my salary paid. Just need help with how to draft particular of claim. Thanks
  4. I have got time sheets and all staff Rota. She owed me £900.00 24 hours per week .my hour and hourly rate is written in contract but she never signed it .I have just started from 06/04/2019 till 5th may 2019.
  5. Hi if any one can help me . I have worked for around 3 weeks for a limited company. Company was operating as retailer at Esso service station on 3rd of May MFG which owned the esso fuel station fired the retailer due to breach of their contract . The retailer is now holding about 7 member of staff wages. It's 1 women ltd company and still active . I have send them letter before action as my worry is she is going to dissolve the company and then no one will left take court action. My intention is to small claim If any on
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