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  1. They just said I wasn’t covered. If it was storm damage I would be. But as it’s not I’m not. This was just just the first phone call Then we came on here for some advice. I will be calling them back and asking to take this further now I have a better understanding of my rights.
  2. It doesn’t say anywhere on the paperwork. I have thought about emailing and asking the same question. Tho i appreciate where you’re coming from. From my point of view it was all done by TWS leeds.
  3. Apologies for the late reply. Busy night shift. The insurance (Halifax) told me that the only way they would be willing to help is by getting their legal team involved to fight against TWS Leeds the window company. But as I haven’t selected legal cover there is nothing they can do. I tried pushing for them to send someone out but they repeated there’s nothing they can do. I think my mistake was saying shoddy construction. As the woman on the phone seemed to take this on board.
  4. A bit of confusion. The roof was leaking slightly so we got the company that built it to come out and fix it. The leak was minimal a few drips that I managed to catch with a bucket before any damage was done. The problem started a few months later when the floor gave in. I believe the ground work and brick work has not been done to the right standard. Rain water is coming off the garden straight through the outer course of bricks filling the cavity with water then through the inner breez block and filling the void between the concrete base and the floor joists up like a swimming pool
  5. Yep. It’s both soil from the house and top water from the conservatory guttering that go through that drain. After pulling up the floor the water seems to be coming through the first course of bricks.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking that, next stop the solicitor to see who did the survey & conveyancing - one would have thought they'd know about transferring guarantees over or whatever..
  7. Hi Bazza, They're a small local company, with shocking reviews online.. they don't appear to have any shame whatsoever.. not sure if we can name & shame here?
  8. Thanks Andy.. Surely the company are still liable in some way though? It's not like its not a major thing... wouldn't there be a building regulations issue? Anything? The floor is well below the half a damp course they've managed to put in..and its been built over a manhole/drain If any building regs have been breached, does a photocopied sheet of A4 with 'Guarantee' in an italic font and little else , really hold up?
  9. Advice regarding a conservatory? It was installed in 2012, with a 10 year guarantee. My partner bought the house two years ago, (in December 2018 we had the conservatory company out to fix a leaking roof from slipped glass) Last week he fell through the conservatory floor, leaving a large hole from which we saw the floor beneath the laminate was soaked through! We pulled some of the flooring up to find the floor boarding was wet & covered in black mould & the joists were soaked through & rotten, flaking apart by touch alone. Also the concrete floor under that was under a good few inches of water too. We contacted the conservatory company & they said we we're not covered under the 10 year guarantee issued as the guarantee is with the previous house owner (it is in her name) and there is nothing they can do. Despite the fact they came out in December 2018 to fix the glass roof panes.. We then contacted the ombudsman who said the same.. however they did tell us that the guarantee doesn't seem to even be in the name of the previous home owner! We then tried our home insurance, who also said we are not covered.. So basically we'd like some idea of where we stand on this, it all seems bizarre that for a guaranteed conservatory & house/building insurance we're not covered anywhere on a 7 year old conservatory. It all seems crazy! The photos speak for themselves.. my OH has had to pull up the floor as its obviously so dangerous & as you can see the water is still seeping in. Any advice at all?
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