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  1. Hi I have just received a judgement of delivery of goods order this isn’t a surprise as this has been going on for some time now what I am surprised about is the fact that this is the 3rd hearing and one which I wasn’t aware of. The creditor is black horse and I missed almost 8 months of payments due to redundancy and Ill heath, despite being back employed and trying to negotiate with Black horse they took me to court which they had to as I had paid nearly half of the loan back. Twice I have been to court and twice black horse didn’t turn up much to the judges dismay and typically they turned up to this one. I honestly wasn’t aware of the new date otherwise I would of been there for sure as I wanted to get my facts across for the judge for what ever reason I never received a letter from the court with the new date and also nothing from black horse. The judgement is now saying that I have to return the vehicle by the 25th of November is there anything I can do to at least get my point across to the judge ? thank you
  2. That’s exactly what happened BA when i asked for some time to check my rights I went indoors and quickly Googled the information i had to hand and when I confronted them they said they are high court officers and have more rights than a normal bailiff and I was wasting there fckin time and got his phone to call the police. I knew that they couldn’t do this but I felt so intimidated and my children where getting upset and scared I just gave in.
  3. Thank you BA I will hold off sending anything back to them until I have received this from you. BR
  4. Thank you BA I have emailed them and I got a response telling me that I have 14 days to submit any more evidence, photos etc. If you can add anything I will send it across to them. Best Regards
  5. I have but it comes up with all the high court enforcement companies is there anything specific I should be looking for ?
  6. No we have since moved house and switched to another supplier who are so much less expensive and I agree with the appalling customer service. I am in the process of drafting a complaint letter to CES and copying in my local MP
  7. Yes I did think the same actually however I did explain as soon as we got in the car that it is on finance.
  8. Thank you BA have you got any advise how to word my challenge or should I get legal help ?
  9. Thank you I appreciate this advise I would really appreciate it if one of you could help me word the challenge. Also I told the lady that i would be complaining about there intimidating tactics and aggressive behaviour they where also looking through the kitchen window scowling at my 13 year old son who was having his dinner, they also noticed them taking a picture of the kitchen window from there car.
  10. Ok I have just come off of the phone to CES and I am shocked to say the least. £3762.69 original debt £77.26 interest awarded to EON £90.00 HC fee £228.00 agent fee £223.98 7.5 fee as it’s over £1000.00 £594.00 Stage 2 Fee £630.00 Sale & Disposable Fee (even though nothing was taken and the did not enter the house) I had made 2 payments as agreed for £322.00 in March and April (April was late). From what the lady was saying there isn’t anything I can do about these fee’s is that correct? I am now in even more debt then when I started how can that be a fair law of the land ? thank you
  11. Hi they didn’t enter the house they said that they would need to call the police to do this.
  12. Hi yes I know I’m an idiot for defaulting but I had some other issues which I won’t bore you with but I did contact them and explained my situation. Yes this arrangement was made following an enforcement notice by post I have never had a visit from any officer other than last night but I have communicated with one on phone. Thank you
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