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  1. Thanks dx100uk, will get the stuff uploaded, did you forget to put a link to the thread? cheers!
  2. I didnt ask for an agreement copy specifically, just the did the standard PAP reply as advised on the thread stating the reason as you suggested. They took 7 months to reply and now are asking me to contact them to arrange payment. It has landed just before Christmas, how lovely. This was a SAAS award. Im not really sure what my next steps are.
  3. drysdenfairfax finally got round to sending me a copy of my credit agreement today as well as a statement of accounts which i requested in writing at the beginning of MAY. They said they "apologise for the delay in providing me with this" They now ask me to pay by beginning Jan. This seems ridiculous to me, what can i do now, they took 7 months to get back to me and expect payment in 2 weeks? kind regards Plebe
  4. no, i have no idea how they got my current address
  5. Thanks very much dx, I havent communicated with Erudio since i last deferred in 2015 and I cant remember them ever contacting me till recently to tell me they have passed my account to Drysdenfairfax. Ill get this sent out tomorrow hopefully and keep you updated. Cheers!
  6. Thanks again Andy. Yes tuition fees were scrapped, the loans were for living expenses. Cheers
  7. What do you suggest i put for the following... I dispute this debt because..recommended reason as advised from your thread and add the debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation. thanks again
  8. No the letter is regarding a loan i took whilst living and studying in Scotland 99-21
  9. Moved to England just over a year ago, makes this thing a little more confusing sorry!
  10. Thanks again Andy. So if the PAP is not applicable to Scottish agreements how do I respond?
  11. Hi Andy, thanks for the prompt reply. Do i follow the advice given in post #2 and does it make a difference if the loan was taken out whilst i was living in scotland?
  12. Hello, I hope you can help. I have recently received a Pre Action Protocol for debt claims regarding my student loan which i deferred with Erudio in 2015. I had not heard from Erudio since then but since moving to England recently (from Scotland where the loan was taken out) have received this PAP letter from Drysdenfairfax. I have read many of the posts here but am uncertain as to whether I just ignore them or contact them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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