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  1. Hi ericsbrother, Thanks for responding. The carpet is from the same batch, the landing was left here after the first fitting ready for when the stairs were sorted. The difference you see is due to flattening not a colour difference, I have many other pictures but had trouble adding them, I’ll try to put a couple more on. All but the landing was laid early December 2018 and we had builders still working here so we kept offcuts on top of our new carpet until Christmas when they left. By the end of January I’d noticed it looking bad. I don’t know who the manufacturer is, but I’ve posted this elsewhere and several others have a carpet that looks exactly the same but has a different name and they have the same issue, even have the same response from scs. I did wonder if they just change the name of it, since mine is no longer available... Carpet 2.pdf
  2. Hi everyone, I am desperately in need of some advice, and hope to find someone on here that has been though something similar. We purchased carpet from our local scs store for six rooms plus a landing. Due to some issues with a new staircase we had to have the fitting in two stages, and the landing was done several weeks after the rest of the rooms. Within weeks we noticed the carpet in the doorway of our lounge and bedrooms was looking a bit matted. Once the new piece was laid you could really see the difference. (I’ve attached a few images, but the one with two next to one another is the landing and a bedroom). So I contacted scs and they sent one of their surveyors to assess the carpets. Within minutes he said it was due to us not wearing shoes, and that the oils from our feet had caused the carpet to become matted! My builders were here at the time and they were as shocked as I was to hear your feet could cause such damage in such a short space of time. The actually said they thought he was talking rubbish. So I investigated and found that feet can in fact damage carpet over time. However, we have never had an issue before and I wouldn’t expect it to happen so quickly, and if it was a possibility then surely you should be warned about it at time of purchase? Anyway he left and said scs would be in touch, they eventually sent me a letter (attached) and now I just don’t know what else to do. They aren’t even saying the same as their surveyor...can anyone offer any advice please?? Thanks Lisa Sorry should add, they no longer sell this carpet! Carpet.docx
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