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  1. Hi just another quick update after receiving another letter like the one above today i have got one telling me they have recommended to their client to take court action against me, as part of the pre-action protocol they are willing to accept a reduced amount of £144 instead of the full amount of £160 this is their clients final offer before considering court action.
  2. Hi just a quick update, today received my first letter from DRP telling me if i dont settle they will advise their client to take me to court and also i should take a look at a link in their letter of a supreme court decision in 2015 that was seen as an important test case for parking charges where the car park operator won.
  3. Thanks for all the advice and that sounds good lookinforinfo im going to write them a letter and see what happens,im not holding my breath though. I did speak to head office on the phone and that was their reply. Theres no way on gods earth they will be getting any money off me unless they take me to court and win which from the information available i think is highly unlikely but we will wait and see.
  4. Ive taken pictures of the car park in case this goes as far as they threaten and also the comments made by the counsellor in blackpool about the illegal cameras and also the guidelines by the BPA in march this year so we will have to wait and see where they would like to take this.
  5. Does anybody think it worthwhile to contact the parking company and appeal this ticket now and see what they say?
  6. Right just spoke to the odeon HQ and as i thought its nothing to do with them they cant get the ticket cancelled as they do not own the land and its not their car park,they say their are signs in the cinema(which there are,they tell you to speak to a member of staff if overstaying of which theyre werent any) and i would have to email the parking company and appeal! He wasnt even aware they had been in the gazette before about this issue. Onto the BPA now then.
  7. I will be phoning head office first thing in the morning to try and get this sorted out.
  8. Hi thanks for the replys im going into the cinema this weekend and asking them to sort it out. Is the best course of action still not to contact them directly about the ticket as they will then know i was the driver ? As im also a type 1 diabetic with an insulin pump every time i go to drive i have to test my blood sugars are ok so i cant just hop in my car and drive off.
  9. I was actually there 15mins over apparently and that was because the film over ran!
  10. Hi im after a bit of advice concerning a parking charge i received, im on the second letter at the moment after politely declining their offer of payment within 30 days, this happened after parking at festival leisure park and going to the pictures, there are NO parking signs on the entrance and i had no idea there was a time limit in place. This happened on the 1st of april and any advice would be appreciated.
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