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  1. Ah ok thanks for that ..ill just get an idea of bill. Then see what options. Are ..i hardly work in uk y weeks a year but then i do go all over. Iv no idea but need to try an untangle all this.
  2. Thanks for any advice not sure who DWP are. Iv just emailed company .. see what damage is at end of day. If i can then go sort ma tax out might be easier to work worldwide wi visas n that... or just do job i want to do legit. Which must be possible.
  3. Would an accountant be able to get all that into order ?
  4. No i mean jobs well paid its seasonal. So i kinda chase the sun. .. do 6 weeks here 6 weeks there 6 weeks as far as new z ... the jobs can be anywhere ... some i sign for some i dont ..iv just been kinda winging it trying to get international contracts. So i can do what i do all year round. Which is not easy takes allot of legwork.. lot of travelling
  5. I started this line of work when i was 19.. nw 30+ basically been travelling since i usually work in uk 6 weeks a yr every year . .. . Never said anything about it to anyone i paid a big nat ins bill. As an accountant advised it ..yrs ago. . need to sort my tax out obvs . But who do u pay whrn ur travelling an doing odd jobs . At one point i had an accountant gaurantor for me . The bills came from then for not making self assessment ...here we are
  6. How should i proceed . As my thot at the moment is gain advice ?
  7. Ye so im safe to assume that fkofilee. It could possibly from tax letters iv thot im inelligeble for . Iv never been in this situation before . Iv spent most of my time in and out the uk since 2009. Got mad job . As i fail to see what else it could be .... i run a uk bank avvount no overdraft cards or ect
  8. Ok. . To find out what it is ? Whats best way tried online form didnt work emaild enquires no reply ...cant call really being abroad
  9. I was recieving self assesment letters with bill till the family member told them i no longwr lived at that address . Address is used for passport , DL , car tax and ins while in uk.
  10. I read online that these people deal with hmrc debt.
  11. I have a recieved a letter to a family members address from drydens fairfax solicitors , looking to see if i live there or if the occupant has details of my address , phone number ect. I am abroad at the moment. Should i call them. I guess they are looking for self assessment tax. I know i have been very slack over the years as i only work about 6 weeks a year in the uk. And spend very little , time there not working. I have a socialised job and i travel and try to get worldwide contracts. To be a mastercraftsman i have to take jobs
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